Friday, November 23, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

Face mask
Snuggle time after a bath.
We LOVE Arriba! salsa!!
He doesn't sleep until 7:30am often.... this was MUCH welcomed!!!
How we give piggy back rides in our house!  Won't be long until we are stacked 3 kids high!
Enjoying a swing at the park!
Big girl trying out new tricks at the park!
Ethan gave himself a "Mike Tyson" tattoo
Enjoying his first basketball game of the season!
Can sit on the couch by himself like a big boy and get down by himself!!!
First thing in the morning.... apply make-up before fixing your hair!
He Shoots!  He Scores!
Love a sleeping baby!!  How cute is he?!?!
Loving the make-up from Nina!!!
Opa made breakfast!
Ready for the last football game of the season!  He is wearing a cowboy hat because "people wear these to games!"  I think he has seen the frat guys and the hats they wear!
Helping Mommy Black Friday shop!
Doing a little sample shopping herself!!!
(Her TeeTee Becky taught her this last Black Friday!)

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