Friday, November 9, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

 Couples Date Night for Veronica birthday
Cheers to the Birthday Girl
Watching their morning show together
Sharing his drink with baby Millie
All dressed up and ready to fight the bad guys!
Waiting in line to vote
We voted as a family!  Teaching our kids at a young age to cast their opinion!
"Can I have some of that???"
Being silly in the morning
He loves wearing hats and glasses!
Walking Chelsey
"Hello!"  I love that he puts a phone up to his ear and talks on it!!!
Eating their morning bagel together
I woke up to a noise coming from Owen's room.... I went to check and found him measuring himself.
"Mommy, I growed in bed!!!  I'm so excited I growed in bed last night!!!!"
By the looks of his belly shirt it sure does look like he "growed" last night!!! : )
Reading Ethan a story.... noticing a trend with this chair?!?! : )
Ethan dropped of the shampoo donations to Peace at Home he got at his birthday party!
Addyson helped drop off a HUGE clothes donations to Peace at Home thanks to the ladies of the MOMS Club!
How to you shop without fighting your one year old that insists on standing and not sitting...... let him ride in the back and stand!!!  Problem solved and shopping is now fun!!!
Girls' Night Out Holiday shopping with a dear friend from high school!!!! : )  
Great way to kick off the holiday season!

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