Friday, November 23, 2012

Last Game of the Season

Today was the last Razorback game of the season, the big LSU vs. Arkansas game that happens the day after Thanksgiving, and a game we promised Owen we'd take him too!  To make the plan even better, my parents were here to go with us!!  We loaded up our stroller full of food, drinks, and chairs as we prepared to watch the game from the hilly area outside of the stadium.... we didn't have any tickets.
The walk to the stadium was fun as we people watched, listened to the crowd, and got to show Nina all of the fun of tailgating!
We made our way to the hill.... after stopping to visit Aric and Emily at their parking/tailgating spot.... and we settled in.  The weather was cool but not too bad here in the sun.
The adults were enjoying the atmosphere while the kids enjoyed the "slide".... yep, before I knew it both big kids were sliding down the hill on the hineys over and over again.... I tried not to worry about their clothes but knew there were going to be filthy!  Ugh!
Ethan was tired of sitting in the stroller so Brad got him out to eat his lunch but we had to be careful.  He doesn't want to sit still and I didn't want him to tumble down the steep hill!!!
I just love the atmosphere that surrounds the stadium before a game!  Our team isn't having the best year.... we are actually having a pretty terrible year.... but that doesn't stop the fans from coming out.... well... it stops some fans.
I was able to score 7.... yep SEVEN FREE tickets to get us ALL into the game!  So while a lot of people came out to support our Hogs.... a lot of people stayed home and sent their tickets with others to "sell".  They would try to sell tickets to me for $10-20 a piece and I would walk away.....
they knew where to find me.... and they did.  They would get tired of trying to sell their tickets, they just wanted to go into the stadium, so they would hand me their tickets for free!!!  The problem.... we had 3 different groupings of tickets all going in different gates.  So I did a little trading.... for free.... with others "selling" tickets and got us ALL in the same gate!
We were ready to go to the game!!!  Our first time as a family of 5 and taking the WHOLE crew!
So now that we had tickets we had 2 problems..... a stroller full of stuff we can't take into the stadium.... and a long, cold walk to the top of the stadium.  Dad and Brad took the stroller back to the car while Nina and I walked the long, cold walk with the kids to our seats.  Doesn't poor Addyson look like she is freezing.  Out of the sun, it was really cold!!!
After we made it to the top, we went into the bathroom to warm up.  They had heaters blaring in there so we would go in there every so often to unfreeze the kids!
Despite the cold, this big guy was excited to be going to a game!!!  We have been meaning to take him all season to a game but the timing was never right.  FINALLY he was getting to go!!!
AND we were getting to take Nina and Opa with us!!!!  Double bonus!
Here is Addyson..... we finally had to trick her into getting into the picture with us.  I just don't want her looking back at the blog one day and wondering where she was..... she is a stinker sometimes and doesn't want to get in pictures!  We have to beg, plea, trick to get her to do it!  Now that we have our photo, we are ready to find our seats!
And our seats are WAY UP here!!!  We get a great FULL view of the stadium but it was really windy up here.  I was just thankful we were on this side of the stadium where we got to sit in the sun.... that made it not so bad.... the other side of the stadium was completely shaded and I'm sure we would have frozen and had to leave if we were over there!!!
I kept this little guy close to me for the game!!!  1- I wanted to keep him warm.  2- I didn't want him getting down and trying to walk around.... not this far up!!!!  When he got antsy and wanted down, Nina took him out to the concession around to stretch his legs and burn some energy.
There were lots of people in the stands but there was also lots of empty space.... space Addyson took advantage of to seat hop... and stay away from us!  Oh my... do I already embarrass her?!?! ; )
We enjoyed the first half of the game... cheering, snacking, and being together... then it was time to go.  We were cold, tired, and Opa got an injury.  It was best to go while it was still an great experience for everyone.... we didn't have to witness the losing of the game in person!  We played a great first quarter and an okay second quarter and that we got to see!  End on a high!
And soon after getting home we were all warm and snuggled in our beds with hopes of a win dancing in our heads!!!!  Can't wait for next season!!!

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