Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Momma

When I pick up Owen from school he is starving and asks for a snack as soon as he is in my arms (he runs and jumps in my arms every day at pick up and I carry him to the car..... this is our daily tradition and 3 minutes of one-on-one time and I love it).  I usually have a breakfast bar and some kind of fruit for him and he eats both.  Today, the banana was an extra from yesterday so the banana was a bit brown...... and if it is brown he WON'T eat it!  I usually eat the brown off for him so he can finish the banana.  He was in the back seat complaining about his brown banana and there was no way I could help him while I was driving.
Without anyone asking her to, Addyson told Owen to hand her his banana and she ate the brown part off and handed it back to Owen!!!!  I was SO shocked!!!  That was SO sweet of her to do.... and not only once but twice as Owen found more brown parts farther down the banana!  This little girl is such a little momma to both of her brothers. I can only hope that part of that is reflection of how I parent and the loving gestures I do for all them! : )  And if she keeps this up, she is going to be a GREAT momma one day herself!!! : )

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