Friday, November 23, 2012

Make- Up Shopping

After everyone was rested up from the game, we headed out shopping for some Black Friday shopping.  We are not big on the idea of getting up early to fight the crowds... we just like to go get some deals on the items that are left in peace!!!  Before we went to the mall we went to Burger Life for dinner.... and a few beer! : )
Then we went to the mall and the girls split up from the guys to spread out and see what we could find.  I was busy talking with old friends I had run into and busy checking out deals that I wasn't really paying attention to Addyson......
when I turned around to look for her I noticed she was doing a bit of her own shopping/sampling.  Her Teetee Becky taught her this last Black Friday when she was here and took Addyson make-up shopping!  Why did Teetee show her the MAC counter?!?!
She did her make-up all by herself!  Doesn't she look great?!?! : )  She loves to accent her eyes!!
And she wasn't done.... she knows that the last thing you apply is your lip gloss!!
And she likes to put on several coats and make her lips look bigger than they really are!
Her finished product!  Beautiful!!!
The last step, place her order!  Funny how no one from the MAC counter even came to help her!  No worries, she can figure it out all on her own!
Now if she can just get daddy's credit card she can place her order!!!  Oh no.... is this just a small glimpse into our future with her and shopping trips?!?!

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