Saturday, November 17, 2012

Opening Doors

 This morning Ethan was laying down for his morning nap, I was cleaning, Brad was working in the garage and the big kids were playing.  All of a sudden I looked down (I was in the kitchen), and there was Ethan.  What???  I asked the kids who opened the door and let him out.... I didn't even hear him wake up.  No one admitted to opening his door and I believed them since they knew better than to wake the sleeping baby but then I had to figure out how he got out.
 So I took him back in my room, closed the door, put him on the bed, and then watched as he went feet first off the bed (I didn't know he could do that even though I've been working with him on this) and then he walked over to the door, stood on his tippy toes, and opened the door!
See Mom, it's just that easy!!!  Now nothing is off limits to me!!! : )

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