Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Fayetteville Morning

This morning we decided to get out a do a little bit of everything.  First stop was the Farmer's Market.  There is a home football game today so we all dressed in our Hog gear even though we didn't go to the game.  Love seeing the boys in their matching jerseys!!! : )
It was a great morning, a bit cool but beautiful, to be walking around.  We love seeing all of the produce, running into people we know, listening to the music, and seeing the dogs.... you can imagine what was the highlight for Ethan!!! : )
We always have a couple of dollars handy to give to the musicians!  We love supporting this guy (and his puppy) that play to support Meals on Wheels!!  Speaking of meals.... we were getting hungry..... well I was super hungry.... I didn't eat breakfast and was ready to find a tasty treat.  We usually go to the local coffee shop and get a snack but decided to try something different today.... Owen wasn't excited about this..... he likes our coffee shop stop.... he is a creature of habit.... so we listened to him cry the whole way.....
and when we walked into the Little Bread Company we were ALL all smiles!!!!  I told Owen we wouldn't disappoint and we didn't!!!  Look at the size of that cream puff!!!
The food was amazing!!!  Great sizes, great prices, and SO yummy!!!  They serve a lot of local products AND are environmentally friendly.  I can't believe we haven't been there before!  We WILL be going back!  And if you live in Fayetteville and haven't check them out you HAVE to!!!
After breakfast we had to head back up the hill to our car to go to our next adventure!  The kids were getting tired and cold and no one wanted to walk so we loaded them ALL up in our single stroller and were on our way!!!!  I love these Saturday mornings together!  Brad has been working SO much these days.... 60+ hour work weeks so this quality time together is a great way to kick off our weekend!

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