Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shaky Bugs

I've been taking the kids to Shaky Bugs with Ms. Jules since Addyson was a tiny baby!  Ms. Jules use to meet with the MOMS Club once a month to sing songs and play with the parachute but now she is just as busy as we all are so it has been a while since we've been able to go shake it out with her.
So today we were extra excited to go get our wiggles out!  Ethan loves music so I was hoping he would have just as much fun as the girls but he was a bit under the weather.... I think we are getting another ear infection... UGH!  Poor guy..... is this what happens when you are the youngest of 3 and your oldest brother goes to school.... you get all of the yuckies handed down to you?!?!  Ethan sat in my lap and enjoyed the music while the girls sang and danced with their friends.  Hopefully next month both kids will up for dancing with Ms. Jules!
And how cute is Addyson's ponytail?!?!  She is starting to let me fix her hair and I'm super excited about that!!!  Her hair is getting long enough to do things with which also means it is long enough to be super crazy in the morning so fixing it is starting to be a must!  I had to bribe her with going to Shaky Bugs for her to keep it in but hey.... it worked and this is a start!!! : )

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