Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving at Addyson's School

Today Addyson had her Thanksgiving performance and lunch at her school.  Now that daddy works so close to home he is able to leave work to come to these things!!! We are VERY thankful for that!!
My sweet turkey..... can you see her little braid sticking up out of her hat?!?!  So excited she let me fix her hair again!!! : )
Watching all of the kids sing their Thanksgiving songs and do the hand motions is one of the sweetest things!  I love going to these performances!
Singing away.... it is fun to hear the whole songs and know the words to the songs Addyson has been singing at home... with her, she sings one or two lines over and over again and I don't know the rest to help her get on to a new verse... now I do! : )
Addyson also gets easily distracted and spent a lot of time looking around.  I think the boy behind her kept hitting her as he was doing his actions and she spent some of her time giving him the stink eye! ;)
The group
Isabella saying "Hi!".  Ethan spotted her and got excited.... he probably thinks she is his other sister!  Poor guy.... see him chewing on his finger.... he has a double ear infection AND I think he is getting teeth.  He was so keen on this whole performance show today.
Then it was time for the 3 year olds to sing their song "Have You Ever Seen a Turkey?".  Addyson has been singing this song A LOT.... or at least the main line of the song! 
This one she belted out at the top of her lungs! : )  When I drop her off at school I always tell her to "sing loud at chapel".... she is doing me proud! : )
I thankful for this sweet girl and for Sonshine Bible School where she has been going since she started a Mother's Day Out program.  She has learned so much, made so many friends, and has grown up here.  We love the teachers and students!!!
After the performance we went back to the classrooms for the children to have their Thanksgiving lunch.  While we were in her room I checked up on her homework project.  Each child was suppose to decorate a turkey feather to put on their classroom turkey.  Addyson's is the purple and pink painted one.  What you can see are the feathers that are on the big feather.  Owen got feathers from our down pillow and they painted them on the big feather to decorate it! : )
Her teachers had the room and table decorated for their Thanksgiving feast.  It was so cute!
And everyone brought a dish to share!!!!  Yummy!!!
I stayed to help with lunch and to just sit back and watch.... Ethan wanted to know if he got to eat lunch too!
There was no room for him at the table.... all of the kids in Addyson class had their seats.... so he found another chair to sit on.....
and he climbed up in it ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!  That was a first!  My little guy is getting big.  I think he is telling me he is ready to go to school too!!!
Before they ate lunch, Ms. Bren led the class in prayer.  How sweet are they?!?!
"GOD is great.  GOD is good.  Let us thank HIM for our food."
"By HIS hands we are fed.  Thank you LORD for our daily bread.  Amen."
Dig IN!  Ethan and I ate her leftovers... which there was a lot of.... too many distractions for these guys to sit down and eat a meal.... I thinks she ate her corn and mashed potatoes and then her dessert!
After lunch they all sat in a circle and played pass the turkey.  If the turkey stopped at you, you got to say what you were thankful for.
Addyson was thankful for Ethan, Owen, Mommy, Daddy, Shilo, and Chelsey.  My sweet girl!  And I am thankful for her!  What a great way for her to kick off her Thanksgiving break!

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