Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  I had our family of 5, my parents, and my mom was coming over.  I cooked everything minus the turkey and mashed potatoes myself.  After Ethan's morning nap, Opa and Nina took the kids to the park and Brad went for a bike ride so I had the whole house to myself!!!!  It was SO nice!!!  I cooked, I cleaned, I listened to music, and I just enjoyed it all!!!  I thought it was funny that there I was cooking away while googling things on the internet. No paper cookbooks for me.  Nope, just virtual ones!! : ) What can I substitute for evaporated milk?  or How do I get a butter stain out of my shirt? or What is the recipe for the best broccoli casserole?!!?
After the trip to the park my dad got busy making his mashed potatoes.  We always poke fun of him in the kitchen (and really any jobs he has around the house).  It takes him forever.  He takes it seriously, he is VERY detailed, and gets distracted easily!  I had to keep reminding him that he had to have the potatoes done by 4!  And he did!! : )
Brad was in charge of the turkey.  He decided to smoke it.  It was the perfect weather to be outside manning the grill!!!
It looks like his hard worked paid off!!: )
At this point there were too many cooks in the kitchen!!!  I was glad I had prepped all of my stuff before everyone got home so all I had to do was put stuff in the oven and monitor it there!!!  It was actually a lot of fun.... so festive!!!  I loved it!  Why do people find holiday cooking so stressful?!?!
We were all trying to take pictures and document how all of the food looked so good.  Gotta love the silly turkey pictures.
Please tell me that my husband isn't the only one that took pictures like this!!!
Okay, enough messing around.  Start carving that bird so we can feed our starving children!  We skipped lunch so everyone was good and hungry and ready for the feast!
It was time to put our hats on and finish up any last minute touches to the food!!!
The table was set and ready for us!  The flowers were from Addyson!!!  She bought them for me 2 days ago when she went shopping with Brad to Sam's.  She asked him if she could buy me flowers and she picked these out!!!  She then walked in the door with a big smile on her face, handed them to me, and said, "I love you Mommy!"  It doesn't get much better than that!  Yesterday when I ran to the store she asked to go with me.  I asked her, "Why do you always want to go with Mommy?" and she said, "Because I love you.  Because I bought you flowers."  Love that girl! : )
Since there was so many of us and limited table space, I set up all of the food buffet style in the kitchen.  The kids had fun checking it all out and letting us know what they wanted on their plates!
I left some of the hot items on the stove!  Yummy!!!
What a good looking group!!!  Thank you Nammie for taking our picture!!!  I need to get a tripod for times like this!!!  My heart was SO full seeing my table so full!!!  SO much to be Thankful for!!  Actually, before we ate we all went around the table and said what we were thankful for.  My dad went first.... he got the crying started for all of us!  The kids were sweet, thankful for their family, friends, and dogs.  I was thankful for my healthy kids, the opportunity to stay home with them and raise them, the surprise of the season of having my parents come, and the best gift of all was having ALL of my parents gathered at the table at MY house!!!  As a kid I always wished my mom and dad would get back together.... and I voiced it often.  I often asked why my mom and dad couldn't get married again and just let Mar and Ken get married.  It all seemed so reasonable in my mind!  My mom and dad will never remarry but this was just as good..... having them ALL together supporting me, loving me, and sharing an evening together.  I'm thankful to have a mom, a dad, AND another mom that all love my kids, my husband, and I SO much!  I'll say it again.... I'm SO thankful this season!
5 minutes into dinner Ethan started screaming.  He doesn't last long in his highchair.  So we washed his hands off and let him down to wander around.  To my surprise he went over to my dad and acted like he wanted to get up.  So dad picked him up and put him on Addyson's chair, we moved his plate over, and he sat there with a smile on his face!!!!  That was what he wanted!  He was too big to be sitting in that baby chair when everyone else was sitting around the table!  So he joined us and dinner carried on!
And Ethan ate...... off his plate.....
and off Addyson's!!!!  I remember Addyson doing this at his stage.  No one's plate around her was safe.... and now Ethan is the same way!  I say, "Hey, if he is eating.... anything goes!!! : )".... I just don't sit next to him!! ; )
"Hey Sister, while you went potty, I ate all of your sweet potatoes!!!! : )"
While most people dodge sitting next to messy hands Ethan, Addyson welcomes it!  She loves to help him.  She doesn't mind if she gets dirty... she isn't much of  a neat freak herself.... she wants to feed him, get him a drink, wipe his hands, ... you name it.... she is all over it!  So to help him out on this special occasion with an audience was perfect for her!  And Ethan loves it!  Loves the help, loves the attention, and loves his big sister!
My big guy!!!  Proud of our hats!!!
This little guy made me thankful to be a mom!!!!  It all started with him!  Can't believe how big he is!
Dinner was SO good Nina made a "happy plate''.... twice!!!!!  And I don't think she was the only one!: )
There was one last thing to do to make the night perfect... whip up homemade whipped cream for our homemade pumpkin pie and pecan pie... and lick the beaters clean!!!!  What am amazing night... in more ways than one!!  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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