Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Hats

We are starting a new Thanksgiving tradition but, before we get started, we had to fill our bellies with  some yummy pizza!  And really I just had to post this picture.... I love us all gathered around our table and I'm not sure how many group shots I got of all of us!!!!
Owen (and Addyson) made Thanksgiving hats at school.... the Indian headbands.... and he was telling Nina about them.  Then they came up with a plan to make Thanksgiving hats for all of us to wear during our Thanksgiving feast.  With the idea concocted it was time to go to Hobby Lobby to shop for supplies.  When I saw the items Nina was buying I knew her idea of the hats was much bigger than what I was thinking.  I was anxious to see what the three of them came up with!
So after nap.... Owen could hardly wait that long....... it was time to get busy working on their hat project.  Everyone made handprints for the body of the turkey and then decorated their turkey with all of the different colors.
Here is Nina's first hat!
The kids took this project very seriously and were super excited to be creating hats for everyone.  I loved sitting back and watching their creativity flow!!!  And I loved watching them make new memories with Nina!!!
Once Nina had her hat finished she showed us what the finished product was going to look like.  So much for (small) headbands..... we are all wearing (large) turkey crowns tomorrow!!! : )
Addyson had fun making handprints..... over and over again so the hats she made were mainly covered in turkeys.... too many to decorate!! : )
Owen made turkeys in a line and decorated then one by one.  I tried to show him how to make an assembly line and do the red feather on each and then clean his brush and do all the yellow feathers and so on but he wouldn't have it!  Nope.  He would paint one red feather on one turkey, clean his brush, do the one yellow feather on the same turkey, clean his brush, and so on until one turkey was finished and then he moved on to the next turkey!  He had his way of doing it and who was I to try to tell him how to do it and how to have fun!
While they were making hats, Nina's parents Nana and Papa skyped us!  Man, I just love Skype!  Our family in Canada can be a part of our Thanksgiving fun!!!
Once the paint had dried on the hats there was just two last steps; cutting the crown part of the hat and stapling the hats together!  That's where Opa shined!! : )
Checking out the finished product!  I think that smile means she approves!
Everyone got to try on their hat before bedtime to get the size right!  We are all going to look great during our feast tomorrow!!!  I love this new tradition!! : )

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