Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Morning

This year our Thanksgiving was fill with lots of silliness!!!!  Addyson's goal/job is to make everyone laugh and that she did when I looked over and saw her in the baby seat my mom got out for baby Giuliana!!!
There.... that's better.... except for the fact that she was bouncing Ethan so high I thought at one point he was going to take off flying!!!! : )
Our Thanksgiving this year was a two part affair.  The first event was breakfast at my mom's with 2 of my brothers, Aric and Ryan, and their families.  My parents also came!!!  We had a full table filled with people enjoying the yummy breakfast feast my mom prepared!!!!  We had stuffed french toast (my request) with strawberry topping, biscuits and gravy, egg casserole, and fruit salad!  You couldn't walk around not feeling stuffed!!!  We ate enough to hold us over until lunch/dinner at 4!!!
The other thing we do on Thanksgiving is draw names for Christmas gifts.  All of the siblings and their spouses draw and then the cousins draw names.  Some times it takes us FOREVER to make it around the circle if someone draws their own name then we have to start ALL over again.  This year the adults made it though the first time!!!
I think it took the cousins 4-5 times to make it through!!!  But we finally did!  We keep the names a secret and it is so fun on Christmas to see who drew your name!!!
What a great way to kick off our Thanksgiving celebration surrounded by family... and that word means a whole new thing this year!  We are not all related by blood or so of us aren't even related but that doesn't mean we don't all love each other, want the best for each other, and enjoy celebrating together!  This picture makes my heart happy!!! : )
My munchkins!!!  Next year we need to take pictures BEFORE everyone is super tired and melting down!!!!  Ethan was so past nap time and NOT a fan of the pictures!!
Sweet cousin!!!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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