Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Addyson's Christmas Show

Today was Addyson's last day of school, jammie day, and her Christmas show/pizza party.  We invited Nammie and Daddy to join us for the show!!!
I was getting a little worried because the show was about to start and Brad wasn't there yet.  All of a sudden I saw Addyson waving and she was yelling, "Hi Daddy!!  Daddy, I'm going to sing "Away in a Manger!"  Whew!  I'm glad he made it..... just in time!!
So the show started with both of the 3 year old classes singing one song....
Away in a Manger with actions to the words!
Addyson sang her little heart out!  She has been singing this song at home and I was impressed she knew all of the words!!!  Now I know why, she has been practicing!
Then I have to say the show fell apart a bit.... I'm use to the Christmas show here being a big deal.... we now have a new director who I don't think is much of a show director so it wasn't very organized.  The 4 year olds got up and recited something but we didn't know they were staring and we couldn't hear them and before I knew it they were getting off the stage.....
Then the kids just sat on the flood in front of the stage.... or some were like Addyson that didn't sit still and hopped from lap to lap or sat on chairs looking back at us..... and they sang songs.  The problem was.... most parents couldn't get pictures of their kids because they had their backs to us!
We didn't have that problem.... I got lots of pictures of this silly girl!
I don't think she sat in one place for more than 2 minutes!!!
The very last thing was the 2 year olds said our prayer before we ate and then that was it!  So I was SO glad Brad made it just in time to see Addyson's one song on stage!
Then Santa came to visit!!!  Addyson told me she was going to be brave when she saw Santa but the minute he showed up she made a beeline for my lap and sat there....
This is the ONE time she sat still for more than 2 minutes!!!!
I was glad Brad was there but it was weird to be missing Owen.  He was really sad on the way to school this morning knowing he was going to miss out on Addyson's show.  I think he was hoping I'd keep him out of school.... but I already did that last Friday so we could all go see a play together.  This is one of the things that is hard about having kids at different schools and on different schedules..... kids are going to start missing out on things....
We had a pizza party with the kids, parents were invited to stay, and then we had cupcakes for Jesus's birthday!  A nice send off to Christmas vacation!
Sweet Friends.... best friends
Silly Girls!
Isabella, Addyson, and Margret
(this is the Margret that Addyson mentioned on her interview in October... she is Isabella's neighbor and in Isabella's class and I think the 3 girls sit next to each other during Chapel and play outside together)

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