Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big Puzzles

The big kids each got a large floor puzzle for Christmas from Grandpa Ken and Grandma Robin.  They were excited to get to work putting their puzzle together so we spent some time this morning working on them as a family.
Addyson got a ballerina puzzle.  She and I worked on that together and found all of the pieces and got it all put it together!!
While Addyson and I were busy on one, the boys were busy working together on Owen's rainforest puzzle.... well some of them were trying to work while one was doing more harm that good!!: )  Brad made several comments about how it wasn't easy putting a puzzle together with a baby around!! : )
So when Addyson and I were all done with ours, we got Ethan to help us put the pieces back in the box!  That served as a nice distraction to him so the boys could finish their puzzle in peace!!!  After all, theirs was a bit harder with twice as many pieces, smaller pieces, and more details!
They worked and worked and worked and finally got it all done!!!  Owen even got to show me his final masterpiece before any younger sibling got to it!!! : )
Whew!!!  Doing puzzles is hard work!!!  I'm ready for a nap!!! : )

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