Saturday, December 22, 2012

Birthday Parties

 Today is a CRAZY day!!!  We had play practice this morning at church for the Christmas Eve Children's pageant!  That was from 8:30-10:30.... Addyson is going to be an angel with her friend Ella from school.  Owen spent 1.5 hours telling me he WASN'T going to do it... I think he was just anxious to get to his birthday party but I told him we had to wait whether he was in the play or not.... so he finally decided to be a shepherd!!!  From there we had to rush to a birthday party that we were 15 minutes late for!
Owen had a birthday party last weekend at Boingo Bounce and he has 2 this weekend, one at Boingo Bounce and one at Hopes and Dreams gymnastics.  This time of year is crazy enough and to add birthday parties on top of it..... oh my!!!!  Last weekend I didn't bring any of the other kids with.... I'm unsure of the protocol with classroom parties and I don't know some of the parents well enough to ask.  Last weekend there were some other siblings there.... and this weekend I knew not as many people would go so I went ahead and took the other two..... Brad had work to do so I had to do something with the little two anyway.  We have a pass to Boingo Bounce so if anything they could just punch a time for me.
 It ended up working out perfectly.... I offered my pass and I was told I didn't need it for the other two.  The kids had SO much fun!  Ethan was even in on all of the craziness like a big boy!! : )
 I think Owen was really proud to have his siblings there.  Any time a new kid from class showed up he would show them his brother..... although they all know who Owen's siblings are since we drop him off every morning!!!
 I loved getting to chat one-on-one with a lot of the parents.... I don't get to do that often and it is nice meeting new people and hopefully starting to form some good relationships where we can get together with more of the St.Joe's family and really feel like a part of the school community!  I was amazed that Ethan wanted right up there in the mix with the big boys... and he wasn't even standing next to one of his siblings for comfort!!!
 After the party was over we had to wait for Brad to come pick us up..... I hate waiting for a ride!!!!  Ethan thought, enough of this waiting... I'm going to let myself back in to play!! : )  From here we went home to eat lunch and take a quick nap.... we had to get up early to go to birthday party #2!!
 This party was for a good friend in Owen's class that we've known a long time so I felt comfortable asking her if I could bring the other kids with!  They were welcome to come and they had a blast!!! Ethan saw all of the big kids doing flips into the foam pit so he wanted to go in too!!: )
There were also other families we knew outside of school there..... this little boy has 2 older siblings that were in the same gymnastics class with Owen and Addyson 1.5 years ago and his momma and I were pregnant at the same time... now look at them having fun together!! : )

I had a couple of parents come up to me (I noticed that we were one of the only families that went to both parties today) today at different times and tell me personally "thank you" for all of my hard work as homeroom mom.  One dad came up and gave me a big hug and told me what a great job I was doing!  It was nice.  He then asked where my husband was.  I told him "I was part of a moms club" to which he quickly said, "I can see that!" (haha, what does that mean?!?!) I told him I would invite Brad to things telling him he wouldn't be the only dad and then he ended up being the only dad so he got tired of going to things.  He told me to tell Brad that now dads go to the birthday parties so he can start coming now.... it isn't a moms only club!! : )

What a busy day!  But we are not partied up and practiced and ready for Christmas Eve!! : )

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