Saturday, December 1, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

This morning was a busy morning..... or maybe I should say an early morning.  Having us all in one room means we all wake up when the baby gets up.  This morning that was 5:45!  So we were dressed and ready to go by 7!
Our breakfast with Santa wasn't until 11.... so it was more like breakfast food at lunch time.... so we needed to find breakfast at 7 to hold us over!  We went back to the little cafe where we got the cookie last night!  We were the only ones there for a long time.... one day.... I hope.... we'll be the family that is sleeping in!! : )
After much waiting, it was finally time to go meet Santa!!!  This is our big Santa visit for the year so we were all excited!  Okay, the kids were excited until they saw him and then....
not so much!    Owen was excited but the other two wanted nothing to do with Santa!  Ethan is crying and Addyson is refusing to get close!  That's okay... we still have time..... we just got here!
Owen was super brave and excited to tell Santa what he wanted.... a Meerkat and Meerkat movie!
So I got close to Santa to encourage Addyson to come close but that didn't work so I just told Santa what I wanted..... a pair of black boots and a kitchenaid stand mixer! : )
Addyson was afraid Santa wasn't going to know what she wanted so he made sure he got her order to.... from a distance...... a Lorax tree!  Funny, my kids don't ask for anything easy! : )
Then it was time for us to go eat!  Santa walks around and visits all of the tables so he made a quick stop to ours.  Addyson didn't want to make eye contact at first!
She eventually leaned in and smiled for us!!!!  What a great mini visit with Santa!
Owen took the opportunity to talk with Santa a bit more about being a good boy, what he wanted, and he asked questions.... like why does Santa wear the bells?  It was so neat to watch Owen be so excited.  I just love the Christmas magic!
If you are wondering where Ethan is.... he was on the other side of the table at safe distance!  He kept his eye on Santa to make sure he didn't get too close!  He just watched!  He stayed put.... maybe that is going to be the trick to getting Ethan to sit during dinner.... just bring Santa close!! : )
Santa left to go visit with other kids so we went back to our breakfast.... and being silly!!!  While we were eating we were noticing that Santa sat down at some tables to talk with the kids!  Well Owen now wanted Santa to sit with us so......
he went up to the buffet to get Santa some bacon.... Santa told us at the bacon there was amazing and his favorite..... and Owen pulled up a chair for Santa.  Now we were ready to call Santa over to have him sit with us!  When Addyson saw Owen pulling up an extra chair between her and Owen's chair she asked to sit on Brad's lap.... she needed a safe distance between her and Santa! : )
After some waiting we were able to call Santa over!!!  Owen was in awe!!!  And we were all able to get close enough for a picture!!!
Owen told Santa that we had some bacon for him so, Santa pulled up a chair and ate with us!!!  Santa then told us that no one has ever done this for him before!!!!  Yay, we got on Santa's nice list with an exclamation mark beside our name.... or at least Owen did!! : )  That was the highlight of our breakfast and a moment I'm sure Owen will talk about for  a long time!  Addyson was even getting use to the sight of Santa and saw that he was a nice guy!
Santa thanked Owen for the bacon before meandering on to visit with other kids.... we didn't want to monopolize Santa's time!! : )
After breakfast we got to go to the Elves' workshop to make stocking!!!  They had stockings for each child and then a table full of supplies you could pick from!!!  The kids loaded up their trays full of supplies and got to work!
And while we were working Santa came downstairs to check on the children!!!!  And Addyson went up to Santa to tell him what she was doing!!!  I was shocked!!!  She did this all on her own!!
Then Santa asked for a hug and she gave him one!!!!  The extra time around Santa was great!  See, at the mall you are rushed in and rushed out with no time to make sure this strange man in a funny suit is a safe guy!  Here, we had lots of exposure and lots of fun interactions to where Addyson got to see he was fun and safe so it was okay to go say "Hi" and give Santa a hug!!!  It was great!
Now that we have our Santa pictures we could go back to work decorating their stockings!!!
The kids loved it!!!  And I loved making a art mess where someone else cleaned up all of the mess!! : )  I love Owen's face... he was trying to squeeze the glue out and it was hard!! : )
I got to help big kids while Brad entertained Ethan and kept Ethan from destroying everyone's stockings!!!!  That was a nice change because during the week it is hard for me to work one-on-one with the big kids because I am usually doing damage control with Ethan!
I wasn't the only one helping the big kids..... the elves came around to help them too!!!!  What a treat to meet Santa AND his elves today!!!
Even Addyson took a little help from the elves!! : )
Santa came back around and he was willing to help me get a picture with him and Ethan!!!  SO, he got close and Ethan just looked on.  I suggested having Santa sit down so we could take a group shot and Santa agreed!!!  Stayed tune for those pictures!!!
After much crafting, the stockings were done!!!  They were very proud of their finished product!!!  What an awesome morning with Santa and his Elves!!!!

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