Friday, December 28, 2012

Celebrating with Chuck E.

We don't usually do a whole lot to celebrate the siblings birthdays, we usually do dinner over at mom's house, but, since it was break and everyone was home I wanted to plan something I knew we would all enjoy... especially the kids.  I told Kellen we were going to take him out to dinner on Friday for his birthday.  (his birthday was yesterday, the same day as Owen's half birthday, but if you book a party on a Friday you get 100 extra tokens...a pretty big deal.... enough to have us wait a day to celebrate!)  We pulled into the parking lot and he knew where we were going but he didn't know I had planned a party and that our whole family was going to be there!!!  This is him finding out we were here for a birthday party for him!! : )
Here he is with his birthday party goodies!  I know he is excited even though he is trying to act like he is not!  He LOVES to go here to play games.... he is always asking.... and he was bummed when I called him last week from Chuck E. and he wasn't with us!!!  So this was really a night I knew we'd all love.... I'm also a secret Chuck E. lover! I celebrated my 16th birthday here!!:  )
It didn't take long for the kids to start asking for tokens to start playing games.  It went like this.  Addyson and Troy ran around together with Aunt Gina watching them.
Kellen walked around playing his favorite games and winning tickets... he use to work at Chuck E. so he has a lot of favorites and a lot of practice so he gets a lot of tickets!
And Owen and I spent a lot of time playing our favorite games.... before Owen left me to go play other games.
I think Addyson's favorite part is putting tokens in!!!  She would "play" beside Troy.  I was trying to get it to where Addyson would put the token in and Troy could play the game.  Otherwise.....
she would put a token in and sit there.... and then walk away.... leaving the game for someone else to play.  Oh well... if this is fun for her then so be it!
At one point she came running up to me VERY excited that she had won a couple of tickets!!!  This was a big deal because she rarely plays game so she hardly ever wins tickets!!!  Maybe she'll get the bug for tickets and start playing games soon!!!
The thing is, whether she plays games or not.... Owen wins enough tickets for them both to get prizes so she is never worried.  Owen's favorite games are the gambling style ones where you put in token after token and tickets spit out without any effort at all.  He goes through a ton of tokens this way so I have to watch and try to encourage him to go play games so all of his tokens are not gone in a matter of minutes!
Several of the group hung out together and played games against each other!!  Emily, Amelia, and their dad was there celebrating with us!
And Nammie had the privileged of hanging out with the babies!! : )
Owen wore his Chuck E. Cheese hat he won with all of his birthday tickets! : )
Friendly revelry!
Ethan checked out some of the games when the big kids were playing around him.  He wanted to "help" Troy out... don't think Troy wanted help from the baby!!:  )
Our pizza was ready so we all made our way back to our table... Kellen's special birthday table!
Chuck E. came out to greet the birthday boy....
and all of his guests
well a couple of them.... really just Kellen and the boys....
Addyson found a safe spot on Nammie's lap who was sitting several chairs away from Chuck E..... and none of the other adults got their picture taken with Chuck.
There is a special ceremony where Chuck E. crowns the birthday boy and dances... Kellen could dance right along since he remembered most of it from when he worked there! : )
I also made sure to tell Chuck E. that Owen was celebrating his half birthday!!! Owen was excited at Chuck's reaction!!! : )  I hope I am not setting the bar here with celebrating half birthdays!!
The Half Birthday Boy!
The Birthday Boy
A mini Nammie.... with her glasses on
One of the main reasons I signed up for a party versus just going there to celebrate was because the birthday boy gets to get in the ticket blaster and I knew the little kids would love seeing that plus we'd get enough tickets to go around to make sure everyone got a nice prize!
Kellen got to work collecting tickets with a lot of help from everyone acting out where he should be grabbing!!!
Then we actually got to surprise the kids with a turn of their own in the ticket blaster!  Ryan had purchased something earlier and on his receipt was a coupon for 4 ticket blaster experiences with a #4 meal!!!  Perfect!!!  We were going to get that mean anyways!!  We let Owen go first and I told him he got to do it for his half birthday!!!!  He was stoked!!
Then Troy got a turn!!!  I think everyone was just as excited to be in the ticket blaster as they were to watch everyone else do it!!!!!
Addyson got all ready for her turn, smiles and all.... and then the door was closed and she teared up... poor thing!  I got her out right away before it was a horrible experience.....
and she let daddy take her turn!!!!  Daddy got all ready to collect LOTS of tickets!
He used his mouth, belly, and other body parts to trap tickets.... I'm sure everyone around us looking on thought we were a circus to see!!!
Between Brad and his fancy ticket blaster moves and the rest of us standing around yelling at him.... I'm sure we were a sight to see!!! : )
Lastly, we had Ryan go!  He used a completely different strategy than Brad... can't say I blame him!
And LOTS of tickets were dumped out between the group!!!!  Lots of tickets to pick up!!!!!
And LOTS of tickets to feed through the ticket muncher.... those single tickets can be a pain to feed through over and over again!!!!!!
But it was well worth it!!!  We got the 10000 magic ticket (thanks to Troy!!!) and several 100 and 50 tickets to add to our collection of single tickets!!!!
Each big kid got to pick out a toy they wanted and they all wanted cotton candy too!!!!
And all the birthday boy wanted was Fun Dip... and fun dip he got.... he used the remainder of the tickets to get 14 packs of Fun Dip!!!!
Happy 25th Birthday Uncle Kellen!!!  We had SO much fun celebrating with you!!! We love you!!

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