Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Cookies

We never make holiday cookies but I went to bed one night thinking how fun it would be to start making cookies every year to deliver to all of the teachers.  I remember my mom making cookies every year.... I don't remember helping much but I remember eating them all!!!  So I wanted to start the tradition at our house!!!  I called my mom and asked her to find the cookbooks with my favorite cookie recipes in them and then the little kids and I went shopping after we dropped Owen off at school!!!  We went straight to work in the kitchen when we got home.... I had to take full advantage of Ethan's nap time!
I knew the kids would love the cookie making so I tried to include them in as many things as I could or as longs as they were interested.  Addyson loved the mixing of the ingredients and then got a bit bored with all of the waiting/ down time as we waited for batches of cookies to bake!
I had also mixed up some dough for the peanut butter cookies and waited for Owen to get home so he could help with the cookie making as well.  It really worked out, when Owen was at school, Addyson and I had great one-on-one time.  Then, when Owen got home, Addyson was done with making cookies so Owen and I got some good one-on-one time!
And within a matter of a couple of hours we had tons of yummy cookies filling up our counter space!  I sent my mom this picture to which she responded "Wow, you are fast!"  Yep, I didn't waste any time.... time is very precious right now.... lots to do before Christmas!!!
Ethan was feeling left out of the fun.... we were all in the kitchen and not including him....
so he went in the pantry and tried to get ingredients to make his own cookies.... oatmeal cookies.... this is why I try to do as much as I can while he naps...... he destroys things when he is awake!!: )
After all of the cookies were made, we boxed them up for each teacher and I hand wrote a note special for each teacher to which the kids then signed their names.  We do big gifts for the classroom teachers but I realized that there are also lots of other teachers that spend time with Owen that don't get as much recognition.... I tried to change that a bit!
When we picked up Owen from school today I brought all of the cookies and notes and Owen got to hand deliver them to each teacher; art (Mrs. Molina here in the picture, library, technology, Spanish, music, and PE and we also took cookies to the secretary (she has to deal with me a lot) and Father John!  All of the teachers were so thankful and Owen had a huge smile on his face!!!  We also took cookies to Addyson's teachers.  The kids loved being a part of this fun gift giving! I hope we make Christmas Cookies making and giving a part of our yearly tradition!!!!

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