Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Children's Mass

This afternoon starts all of our Christmas celebration and I'll probably have several posts about Christmas since I'll have SO many pictures to share!! : )  Every year we go to the Children's Mass on Christmas and the past 2 years the kids have participated in the Christmas pageant show!  This year I had the duty of gathering the shepherds and animals at the back of the church and sending everyone up to the front of church at the right time.  And I'm proud to say it all went smoothly!!
The only downside to helping with the pageant is that I didn't get to what the show in the front row seats my mom saved.  I had to rely on Brad to take pictures and I got to watch the beginning of the show through the pictures!  How cute is our little angel with her hands folded walking in!!
She went right to her spot, next to her friend Ella, and started waving to her family!!! : )
She was so proud to tell everyone we saw these past couple of days that she was going to be an angel at church!!!  I joked and told her she needed devil horns on top of her halo!! : )
After the angels took their place it was time for the shepherds and their flock to go to the front of the church!!!  I love how Owen is always waving when he is in shows!!! 
Doesn't he look SO happy to be a part of the pageant?!?!  Good thing I talked him into it the other day!!!  I told him he be bored if he had to sit there and watch Addyson be in the show and him not be in it!
Here they both are in their spots.  We didn't get a picture of the whole alter but there were angels and shepherds on both side of the alter and in the middle were Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Star, 3 Wise Men, and a drummer boy that acted out the story that was being sung by the Angel Choir!  So sweet!
Wanna know what is really sweet?!?!  This sweet angel face!!!
I remember last year she was a donkey that was wearing dangle pink earrings and she left the alter in the middle of the story to bring me her earrings.... we couldn't stop laughing!!!
This year she is all grown up and participated in the show!!!  Amazing how much changes in a year!
Owen was very happy that he graduated for a donkey to a shepherd!  Before I know it he'll be Joseph in the pageant!!!  But until then, I just soak up all my time with this big blue eyed little man!
When the song ended, the kids all left the church by walking down the middle aisle and then we took them to change out of their outfits!  They were ready to go home and celebrate Jesus's birthday after that.... I had to break the news that we had to stay for church.......
We were just at church yesterday so to ask them to sit through mass again was a bit hard.... Owen actually cried.... but it didn't take long for them to embrace the idea!!  We made it through a beautiful church service with no problems and we were ready to go home and celebrate!!
One thing I love at our church is Father John comes to the front of the alter during the offering and holds out a basket for the children to bring their donation up.  It is always a big milestone in our family when you get to start taking money up to the basket!!!  Ethan hit this big milestone a couple of weeks ago.... but we don't really take pictures in church so I never get to mark the moment.... tonight was different!  Brad had the camera ready to snap this sweet picture (I also had the kids wait until the HUGE mass of kids had gone back to their pews so we could get a good picture).  All the kids are growing up... I'm wondering if Ethan will be a donkey in the pageant next year!!! : )  We'll have to wait and see!!

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