Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

I love our Christmas Eve tradition!!!  It is an evening jam packed of family and fun!!!  And it all starts out with our yearly "in front of the tree" pose!  We do it Christmas Eve after church because that is the one time over the next couple of days we'll be dressed up!!!
I often wonder if we'll ever get a nice group shot with all 5 of us looking!!!  These are the best 2 pictures out of the group.  You can go here to see our picture from last year and the year before that and 2009 here!  Wow!  That was really fun to go back and look up those past Christmas posts and see how much we've changed!! :)  And yes, I think I've worn the same red sweater every year... I think it is time to get a new red sweater!! : )
We did pictures early this year, as soon as we got home from church so everyone would be happy...
that turned out to not be the case.  The kids were starving.... but I wanted to take pictures before everyone got their clothes dirty!!  Maybe we should take pictures BEFORE church next year!  The problem with that is, we let the kids nap right up until it is time to go so we have crabby kids on our hands that we are trying to dress... that's not the best time to take a picture either!
We got a couple of good pictures so I'll take what I can get!! : )
After church everyone comes over to our house for fondue!  We have a nice spread of things to cook in the fondue oil and we have other appetizers as well.  We have SO many people gathered around our fondue set.... I think it is time to get a bigger one or a second one now that our kids are cooking their own items too!
Everyone was happy now that we were eating.... until Addyson tried to sit on Nammie's lap with Ethan!  He is in a phase where he doesn't like to share people!!!  If someone is on my lap he cries or tries to pull them off!  Turns out the same is true for daddy's lap and Nammie's lap!  Silly guy!
After dinner we let the kids open their one Christmas Eve gift.... we were rushing things a bit because Ethan was super tired at this point but I wanted him to be able to be a part of some of our traditions.
Everyone gets new Christmas jammies to wear to bed!!!  I pick out everyone's jammies but mine.... Brad and I got each other the same thing!!!  It was really funny!!!  Gray pants and a red shirt! : )
Ethan wasn't really into any of it.... too tired to care... then he found the nativity set and he quieted down and played with this for a long time!!!  That bought us some extra time to play with the big kids and help them change over into their jammies!
Then we quickly sang "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus, let the kids blow out the candle, and asked them to pose for another picture... I wanted them to wait until I was putting Ethan to bed to eat the cake.
Here is our Christmas Eve Jammie shot!
The last thing for Ethan to help with was putting out the reindeer food!!!  He loved it!!!  So did Addyson, she made the food at school and was excited to spread it out.  Owen, not so much!!!  He stayed inside, can you see him peaking out of the window, he told me he was scared!  I think he is always afraid he is going to run into Santa!
I kept saying "last thing" and then I would remember something else... there is just SO much to do Christmas Eve!! : )
The very last thing Ethan did was watch his video message from Santa!!!  Santa sent each child their own special message and we all gathered to watch each one!
All of the kids (and even the adults) really got into the videos!!!  Even Ethan watched intently!!!  When one of the bigger kids got in his way he would push them over so he could watch!
Santa talks about the child, where they live, what they asked for, what their mommy and daddy asked them to do this year to be good, and then Santa checks to see if you were good or not.  Owen heard he made the "nice" list and he started jumping up and down giving us High Fives and saying "Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I made the"Nice" list"  It was SO cute to watch his excitement!
Addyson quietly watched hers and listened to everything Santa had to say.  She too made the "nice" list!
FINALLY, it was time to eat dessert!!! : )
The other thing we do every Christmas Eve is the present scramble!  There is a gift wrapped up in a box (box or two or three) and the person that unwraps the gift gets it!  But it isn't that easy!
You have to roll a dice to get a "1" and when you do you have to get dressed up in the hat, scarf, and gloves before you can start unwrapping!
Then as soon as someone else rolls a "1", they start taking the items from you to get dressed so they can start unwrapping.  The whole time this is going on, everyone else is frantically passing the dice around trying to roll a "1"!
Owen said he never wins and I thought he was going to win this year!  He has to last package to open and he was so close!!!
He got it unwrapped but got stuck on the box!!! : (  He couldn't figure out where to open the box, it was at the top not the side like he was trying....
and before he could figure it out, Aunt Emily rolled a 1 and ended up winning the prize, a gift card to Target!  SO much fun!!!
The kids asked me what I had planned next and I had nothing..... guess I need to plan more for next year!
Brad came to the rescue with a game he invented where he wrapped up the kids in big sheets of paper and taped it all up and then the kids had to .....
break free!
They loved it!
Amelia, Emily's sister, even got in on the fun.... and Brad got a little out of control with the tape... taping up her LONG hair!
But Amelia is a great sport, broke free, and Emily helped her free her hair!!!!  And that kids were happy to have had another game to play!!!
Now it was time for bed!!!  We had to hurry to bed before Santa came.... and Santa still had a lot of work to do before his visit so we got everything ready for Santa and Tommy the Elf!!!
Owen wrote the note we left "Dear Santa, I hope you like the cookies we made"
The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nick soon would be there.....

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