Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning started early for us.... Ethan heard that the "early bird gets the most presents" so he was up at 5:15!!!  Yep, 5:15.... Yawn... I wasn't ready for that!
We hung out in the kid area until Owen woke up and then I took both boys into my room to hang out until Addyson woke up... she's our sleeper so the poor boys have to wait and wait and wait until she wakes up!!!  Once she is up, she comes into our room and we all hang out while daddy (and Uncle Kellen this year) check to see if Santa came and make sure he is gone.  Once the coast is clear we count to 3 and then run out to see what Santa left!!!
The kids made a beeline for the tray to see if Santa and Tommy ate their treats and if the carrots for the reindeer were gone.  They could hardly contain their excitement!
Santa left a note for the kids which I read to them....
And then Owen had to tell daddy and Uncle Kellen that both Santa and Tommy drank their milk AND ate their cookies!! : )
Before the craziness begins.....
Let the opening begin.....
It didn't take Owen long to start finding his gifts... now that he can read all of our names he was quicker than me at getting gifts out to everyone!
Ethan wasn't into unwrapping.... I really thought he would be.... part of it was because he was tired at this point.... he had already been up for 3 hours and was ready for a nap..... maybe a little of mommy's coffee will help him through his morning!
It was really nice having Uncle Kellen there to take pictures!  It allowed me to be a part of the unwrapping and be there to enjoy the moment as it happened while Kellen snapped away... and it also meant I was in more pictures that I usually am!! : )
As much as I would love opening gifts to be a calm event where we open gifts one at a time.... it doesn't work that way.  I don't want to spend more time telling the kids "no" or "slow down" or "wait your turn" over and over again to where no of us enjoy it.  SO, we just let them open gifts and try to slow them down as much as possible while still having a good time!
Brad and I spent a lot of time looking back and forth (almost enough to make us dizzy) to try and capture it all!  Thankfully there are lots of squeals that happen that let me know one of the kids has made it through the wrapping and I should look over to see their reaction and see what they got!  I can't even imagine how crazy it is going to be next year with all 3 opening gifts like crazy!
Addyson got a Barbie Razorback cheerleader from Santa and she was SO excited yelling "This is what I've always wanted".... funny, she didn't even ask for this.  Santa went out on a limb... turned out to be a good thing!! : )
Ethan opened one gift.... while laying down on my lap... poor guy must have been tired!  But I was happy he was opening his one big gift from Santa!! : )
A Radio Flyer Scooter!!!  He loved it!!
That woke him up and gave him a burst of energy and he drove it around the unwrapping mess while the other 2 kids opened up his gifts for him!
That worked out pretty well because it gave the big kids a few more gifts to open.... and I was afraid the big kids would notice that Ethan didn't have as many to open so I tried SO hard to give Santa ideas for Ethan.... almost impossible since he has everything he needs from Owen.... turns out I shouldn't have worried so much!  Oh well! :)
Hey, Uncle Kellen, did you see my new scooter?!?!
While Ethan wasn't excited about opening gifts, he was excited about seeing what was opened and trying out the new toys so he was in the Christmas spirit... he just would rather have seen all of the gifts unwrapped under the tree!
I  love the excited look on the kids' faces as they open up a gift and see what is hidden inside!
And then they stand up to show it off with the other kids looking on and getting excited with them!: )
The kids asked for 2 pretty unique gifts from Santa this year.... go figure!   Addyson wanted a Lorax tree and Owen wanted a meerkat.  Last night Owen was telling Addyson that she wouldn't get a tree because they didn't exist any more and Santa wouldn't know where to get one.  I was SO excited to have them open their main Santa gifts!  Kellen took pictures while I took video of this moment!
"It's a Lolax tree!!!" (that's how she says it!!!)
She loved it and ran to put it in her room right away!!!!  She then went back to get it to bring it out and admire it some more!!!   It was a HUGE hit!
Owen opened up his box and saw 2 meerkats!!!!  Yay!!!!
He was hugging on them saying "I love my meerkats!"  Looks like Santa did great this year!  He was also excited to get a meerkat movie like he had asked for!
The dogs even got in the Christmas spirit.... well sort of!!!  The kids went shopping for the dogs yesterday and got them Christmas cookies, treats, and hats to wear!  I think the dogs wanted to skip the hats and go straight for the treats!!: )
The last thing we had to go do to complete our morning of opening gifts was open our stockings!!!  They were filled with lots of little goodies!!!
And Ethan tried them all out!  He is eating the top of a light bulb pen that lights up when you tap it... so his mouth was lighting up red as he chewed on it!  So funny!
And that my friends, was our Christmas morning!!! : )  Merry Christmas to all!!! : )

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