Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with Family

The last activity of our day of celebrating Christmas was dinner and a gift swap at my moms!  We took our group picture as soon as everyone was there.... we are getting the hang of this picture thing with kids!!!  We just need to work on the lighting in the pictures!  It was nice to have everyone here to celebrate Christmas!!: )
Troy wasn't feeling great (poor guy, that's now the best way to spend Christmas), so we opened presents first so he could be there for all if it and ate dinner after..... I don't think the kids would have eaten much staring down the pile of presents so that was probably the best decision!!!
In my family we draw names, the kids draw kids names and the adults draw adult names!  I love it!  Giuliana got Owen's name and got him the Bop-It he had been asking for and more letter writing supplies... tape and construction paper!!!  Just what he wanted!! :)
Addyson had Ethan's name... this is the one gift he sat down to open all day... I was impressed... and he had a bit of help from his big sister!! : )  He got a microphone that plays music and tells you had to dance to the music!
Troy had Addyson's name and he got her the big kid camera/ video camera she wanted!!!  She was SO happy and got to work taking LOTS of pictures!  I might have to start her her own blog! : )
Owen had Troy... I had to be careful about telling Owen too much about what he got Troy because I didn't want him to spoil the surprise!  It won't be long before Owen is picking out presents on his own!!!  Ethan got Giuliana and got her clothes!  It was a great Christmas for the kids! : )
And Addyson documented it all!! : )
The gift opening for the kids continued... they had presents from Nammie and Anna to open.... I guess my mom some how has the magic touch to get Ethan to sit still and open a present!  I should have had her over this morning! : )
Addyson got an apron to wear in the kitchen along with a kid Paula Dean cookbook, shopping list pad, and a gift card to go buy the supplies she needed!!!  Looks like we are all set to mold my little chef!
There was LOTS of opening to do!!!
Addyson got the purse she wanted!!!  We were at the store picking out Troy's present and she saw this purse and wanted it SO bad.  She even sat down on the floor and refused to go anywhere until I got her the purse!!!  A little bird told Nammie about it and she ended up getting it for Christmas! : )
Owen had been eyeing several puppies and the vet kit at Target... he asked for it every time we went there.... Nammie knew exactly what to get him! : )
With the kids occupied, the adults traded their gifts... I guess I didn't get any pictures of that!  Everyone got nice gifts and it was so fun to see who had whose name.... we keep it a secret!!!  What a perfect way to end our Christmas day!!! : )

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