Saturday, December 8, 2012

Decorating for Christmas

Owen has been begging to set up our tree since Thanksgiving.  We have been busy and Brad was out of town for 5 nights so it has been hard to find an afternoon to decorate.  Poor Owen, I keep telling him "not today" and he keeps asking "then when are we going to do it?!?!"
I was so excited to tell him FINALLY that TODAY we would be decorating for Christmas!!!  We even did it first thing this morning so he didn't have to wait all day!!!  We turned on the Christmas music and went to work setting up our tree!!!!
Because we have this little guy on the go this year (and because we also have Shilo who is very bad and marks on everything), we opted out of the big, real tree like last year.  We thought putting up our little, fake tree that can sit on a table would be the best way to keep us all sane during the holidays!!
Ethan was excited to see the boxes full of things to taste!!!  He went straight to work giving everything a once over!!
While Ethan was checking it all out, I was trying to hang our garland on the tree so the kids could start hanging up the ornaments.  Hanging the garland turned out to be a harder task than I thought since the tree was up high and in a corner!  I had to have Brad take over!
One of the kids' favorite Christmas items in the nativity set!!!  After they broke my porcelain one 2 years ago, it is nice to have a kiddie set they can play with and I don't have to worry about!  Ethan saw something new to play with and made a mad dash to get in on the fun..... to which Owen responded by hovering over all of the toys so Ethan couldn't get them....
So Ethan just took Owen's hat instead! : )
And then Ethan tried to put it back on for Owen!
While Owen played with the nativity set, Addyson was going through the ornaments finding the one she would hang up first and then she went to show it to Owen and to get Owen ready to go pick out his ornament!
The garland was hung so it was finally time to start hanging up the ornaments!
And the kids go to work..... decorating the bottom 3 rows of the tree!! : )
Ethan helped hang ornaments up higher with the help of daddy!  And I love how the kids check out each ornament that we hang up.  Each ornament has a story!!!  That is one of my favorite parts about decorating the tree.... remembering the memories!
Here is Ethan's ornament this year from St Nick!
And here is our family ornament for the year that Owen picked out while we were Black Friday mall shopping!  He has been carrying this ornament around with him since then so I was glad to finally be able to hang it up on the tree and see that it was still in one piece.... Brad was certain it was going to end up broken!
The other treat this year was that we had Uncle Kellen here to help us decorate!!!  It was actually really nice having another adult around... we could do man on defense!  Which we really needed at times when Ethan was trying to shop the ornaments and Addyson was trying to find an ornament to hang and Owen was standing on the ottoman and asking for another ornament!
Here you can see how we had the kids decorate the tree that was up high.  We pulled over our ottoman for the kids to stand on and then we handed them the ornaments to hang.  It worked out pretty well.
We just had to step in every now and then to move ornaments up higher and to help show the kids how to spread the ornaments out a bit.... they tend to try to hang them all on a few branches!
Here is our family picture with us all decorating the tree together.

Hanging up one of the last ornaments.  We didn't get to hang all of our ornaments this year and I was a bit sad to see some of my favorites left out.  It was just a bit hard to manage having a smaller tree,not decorating the back half of the tree, and every year we add a minimum of 5 new ornaments so our collection is getting quit large rather quickly!!!
While some are left out (like the multiple 1st Christmas ones for each child), there are some very special ones I make sure make in on the tree every year!!!  I got this ornament the year Brad was in Iraq!!!!  The Christmas we spent chatting over Skype instead of being together.  That was also the Christmas I KNEW we were going to end up spending the rest of our lives together!! : )  This is a very special ornament!
After the tree was decorated we spent time decorating the baby!! : )  He loved the string of beads!!!
Merry Christmas for our little snowman! : )
The ornaments were hung... but Addyson was still having fun taking ornaments off, inspecting them, and
would then rehang them!  That kept her busy for a while!
The last thing that happens is our big countdown to turning on the lights for the first time!!! A  very exciting moment for everyone!!!
Owen finalized the decorations by placing the nativity set under the tree and he put some Santas and other Christmas statues on the bookshelf!  Our house is decorated and we have some very happy kids that are now going to patiently wait for Santa to come!! : )
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go!!! : )

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