Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ethan's Music Class

Ethan finally, after a year, got to start his own activity.  Something we do that is just for him!!!  All he usually does is follow the older two around.  It has been really hard trying to juggle 2 older kids and Ethan's nap.  It seems like when I have down time to do something with him, it is his nap time.  When he is awake we are driving to pick up one of the other kids or running an errand for me.  Living Social had a deal for Kindermusik classes for a month so I thought I'd give it a try.  Doesn't he look excited about it?!?! ; )
The problem is I have to wake him up from his nap to take him.  I let him sleep as long as possible then I wake him up, put him in the car right away, and rush off to music class.  When we get there he is sleepy, trying to wake up so he really isn't into it.  I was really worried.  He LOVES music but I was afraid he wasn't going to love the class.... he seems to be the shyest of the bunch.... a momma's boy.
Well after being there 15-20 minutes he finally wakes up and starts moving around.  He interacts with Ms. Amy, plays with Pelinsu, his friend, plays the instruments, and dances to music!  He loves it..... once he wakes up.  I keep wondering if I should wake him up earlier but I feel like all I do is wake him up from naps... poor guy... is that the plague of being the third child?!?!
Once he wakes up he has so much fun!!!  He loves all of the instruments and he really loves the scarves!!!  I love watching him learn how to play the different instruments and watching him play with the scarves.  I'm also impressed when he helps clean up and when he catches on to things super quick!  Really, he is constantly amazing me.  I often tell myself he acts much older than 14 months!
He loves putting things on his head and taking them off so scarf time is one of his favorite!!!  I think Santa was watching this and got an idea or two!!: )  The scarves are nice because they are easy to put back on his head.... he gets a bit frustrated with hats and sunglasses when he can't put them on by himself!
Halfway through his "active" time, he and Pelinsu spot the "wall" that is used to block off an area and it has a ledge on it.... they are drawn to it once they spot it!  They love to sit on it, stand on it, and play around on this ledge.  It drives me crazy... there is so much space and fun stuff to do and they want to play on the ledge!!!  Ms. Amy is great... she moves music class over to them!!: )
And Ethan moves the fun over there too!!!  See, just when I get frustrated that we are "wasting" our time, he reminds me that even though it doesn't look like they are paying attention.... they are really taking it all in!!! I  remember being impressed with the other 2 when they would do something I didn't think they were paying attention to.... and Ethan is doing the same!
I think what I have enjoyed most about Ethan's music class is the one-on-one time I have with him doing an activity that is just for him!!!!  I love exploring with him.  Interacting with him.  Rocking him.  And watching him grow!  I'm so excited that I finally signed little Ethan up for something that is just for him!!!!

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