Friday, December 21, 2012

First Day of Vacation

Today was our first full day of vacation!!  We spent a long morning in our jammies and then met our friends at Chuck E. Cheese!  We were suppose to meet at 10 and we didn't end up getting there until 11.  Ethan was napping and I couldn't bring myself to wake him up.... he was SO peaceful... and I was SO lazy!!! : )
It ended up working out perfectly!  It was nice getting there so early because there was hardly anyone there.  I let all 3 kids run around and didn't worry!  I actually got to enjoy myself and I got to watch the kids enjoy themselves!!! : )
Chuck E. walked by and Owen asked to take him picture with Chuck!!!  I was shocked and he was very proud of himself!
Chuck E. walks around with a sign that says "Follow Me for Free Tickets" so the kids go running after him to go dance with him and get tickets.  This picture is blurry but it is SO funny.  Addyson loves Walker (I think the feeling is mutual) and she wanted him to go with her so she grabbed his hand and pulled him with her!  He went along for the ride!  It was so funny to watch!!!
Owen is really into the games that spit out tokens with little effort.... the gambling style games... he feeds them tokens like crazy and then is SO happy to show off his LONG strand of tickets.... which he calls tokens!
I hadn't planned on staying to eat..... we were suppose to go up to Brad's work and we were going to take him lunch but since we got here so late I hated to leave so soon.... so we just ordered food and then I told Brad he should meet us up here to eat... which he did!!!
Brad only got to stay for about 10 minutes.... probably hardly worth the drive over here... but I think it was a nice break in his day and the kids got a kick out of seeing him....even if it was only for 10 minutes.... and really, they were too busy to notice how quick he left.  Addyson was just SO happy to see him that she talked about seeing her daddy at Chuck E. Cheese all afternoon and then later this evening when we say Brad she told him she saw him at Chucks!
After lunch we played some more!  Ethan is such a big boy!!!  He walked around this place like he owned it!!!  I was amazed.... my other kids weren't like this at 14 months... heck, Owen wasn't even walking so there was NO way he'd make his way around Chucks all by himself...... climbing on rides and playing games!!!
Ethan even gave his "girlfriend"  Pelinsu a ride on his motorcycle!!  : )
Addyson doesn't really like to play the games.... for her, the fun is putting the token in... and then walking away! (that is why I try to manage her tokens a bit giving her a couple at a time so she has to slow down and come find me before running around a filling all the games with tokens!)  She does like to ride on the rides though.... that she'll stick around for! : )
It was fun seeing Owen get to play with some of his friends he rarely sees any more!  We always hang out with his younger buddies while he is at school so he misses out a lot... not today! : )
What amazes me at times is how big these 2 girls are!  They were so big walking around together and figuring out the bigger games all by themselves!
And the last big trick of the day..... Ethan climbed up the play place all by himself......
and went down the slide by himself!!!!
We are sliding into Christmas break with a morning of fun with friends!

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