Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Snow

We've gotten our first "big" snow of the year.  It wasn't big but just enough to stick around for a couple of days and plenty to play in!!!  The kids were suppose to wake up from nap on Christmas Day to snow but that snow never came.... it just got delayed until yesterday at nap time!!!  I didn't know it was coming so I was just as surprised as the kids were to wake up from nap and see big flakes coming down!!!
Owen was the first one up and he wanted to go outside right away!!!  There was no waiting for anybody!  I didn't have snow stuff ready for any of the kids but that didn't stop Owen!!  He went outside in tennis shoes, a hat, and a jacket......
..but it didn't take him long to come back in begging for gloves.... his hands were freezing!!!  As much as I wanted to bundle up all of the kids and go out to play... we had plans to go to Chuck E. Cheese with Kellen and as soon as the other 2 kids woke up from nap we had to head out.
Thankfully the snow stuck around for another day.... first thing this morning we bundled up all of the kids for them to go out and enjoy the snow... Ethan's first snow!!
The snow and cold didn't stop Ethan from going out to play!!!  This boy LOVES being outside so he was SO glad we were letting him go out with his siblings!
Owen wanted to make snow angles as soon as he got out there... poor guy doesn't have snow pants or boots..... we didn't need them last year so I hated to spend the money for items that would never get used.  He didn't seem to mind too much.... I did have several layers of pants on him though so that probably helped! He stayed out a played a long time!
Addyson was loving the snow too!!!  She too had on several layers to combat the cold!
Ethan's Razorback outfit acted as his snow suit!!!  I know we have snow pants from Owen at this age but they must be up in Canada... or in a box somewhere from 2 years ago!!! : )
At least today I have found everyone's gloves and hats!!!!  Now this guy was ready to stay outside ALL morning!!!
Ethan had a blast walking around outside.  He stayed out much longer than I thought he would!!!  Thanks to Nammie, he (and Addyson) had boots to wear!!!!  I love when a baby walks in boots for a first time.  The high steps they take!!!  So cute!
Addyson spent a lot of time giving Ethan the run down on how to make snow balls!! :)
And Owen just liked rolling around in the snow.  It amazes me how kids don't mind the cold, wet, hot, etc!!!
Looking for deer.
My nose is starting to get cold!!
Wait, before we go in, let's just on the trampoline covered in snow!!!
Even Ethan wanted in on the fun!
The little kids were cold and ready to come in... their gloves kept falling off so their fingers were freezing... how do you get gloves to stay on?!?!  Owen wasn't done... he was loving it outside!! So he went for a walk with Daddy to find deer!!  They followed the deer highway by our house and found some does!!!  I guess we need to get this boy boots so his feet won't freeze on their deer walks!!!
Because they go a lot!!! Here is another deer walk they went on when the snow was melting!!!  They found more deer, deer rubs, and lots of other animals and fun things Owen LOVES to tell me about as soon as they walk in the door!!!
Addyson had gotten ALL bundled up to go on a walk with them but at the last minute she told us she wanted to take the car... that's what she does in the summer when we go on walks... but today the guys were hiking in the woods and the car couldn't go.... so she threw a fit and didn't go either!!!  Poor thing!!  After spending ALL of that time getting bundled up.  No worries, I took her in, undressed her, and we made hot chocolate with little marshmellows for her and they boys!!!  It ended up being a great couple of snow days for all of us!! : )

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