Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gingerbread Train

Last year Uncle Kellen was at our house and helped with the decorating of our gingerbread house!  This year he was here to help us again, this time with a gingerbread train, I kind of like this tradition!! : )
All of the kids gathered around to help.... Ethan did more eating than helping but at least he was there to observe and be a part of the fun.... you'll see what he did later!
 Uncle Kellen is an engineer and likes to put things together... and for me, putting the gingerbread kits together is a bit of a pain... I can never get all of the pieces to stick together properly... that's why I like Uncle Kellen around to take over!  He gets the train together perfectly... and I get to watch and take pictures... we both get to do what we like!
The train kit was perfect because each child got to decorate a whole side of a train just how they liked!!!  No sharing was necessary!
And it was interesting to see how they both decorated so differently!  Owen's was very much on purpose and with a pattern!
Addyson's was very random and abstract!
Kellen did a great job of manning the icing and getting it in the exact spots that were requested!  And I have to say I'm very proud of Kellen for getting "dirty"... he is a bit of a neat freak and doesn't like his hands to get messy or sticky so for him to get sticky and be around little sticky hands takes a lot for him... and he does it with a smile!!!  It has taken 5 years but I think he is use to sticky hands now... his kids can thank us one day!! : )
Very patient and deliberate!
Here are all the pieces drying.... see, I try to put the train together first and then have them decorate... we learned last year to try things a bit differently!!! : )
Final product- Owen's side
Final Product- Addyson's side
Wonder what we'll make next year!

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