Friday, December 7, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

Some weird "rash" Owen has broken out in covering his body.... besides his stomach and back.... after 2 days I took him to the doctor and he said extreme exzema..... we'll see......
Does this boy ever wear shoes?!?!
"I'm wearing my pirate to school."  She insisted on wearing a scarf today! : )
I think she is more fashionable than her mom!
St. Nicholas came to visit!
Her favorite seat in the house....she LOVES to sit on the counter!
Brad won an award at work!!!
"K" is for king...... and if I wear both crowns I'm guaranteed the king/queen/princess of the house!!!
Shopping is easier for Momma when this guy is busy making phone calls!!!
Taking her friend for a stroll.
 Sitting beside my best bud.... and texting him!!! :)

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