Friday, December 14, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

"Mom, take a picture of me in my princess dress!"
Saturday night on the couch... and pictures by Addyson
Self- portraits by Addyson
The family princess, photographer, and jokster all in one! : )
 Trying out the coat for our Christmas Angel
 Decorating the outside of our house per Owen's request!
 Cookies and Milk before bed
 Wants to watch the rest of the Razorback basketball game first thing in the morning, thank goodness for DVR!!!
 Church with Owen
 This is going to slow me down a bit.... and hopefully heal my bone spur that is piercing my Achilles's Tendon!
 We've had these mugs 7 years and never broke one.... now we broke 3 this month : (
 Ready to drop Owen off... in her high-heels and taking an extra pair of heels for her and socks for Ethan.
 Writing his siblings' names all by himself!
 Loved checking out his reflection in the ornaments!!!  He stared for a long time!
 Every time we go in Owen's school office, Ethan plays with this phone!!!!
"Guess How Much I Love You" play with the whole family!!!!

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