Friday, December 21, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

Dear Santa, I WANT this scooter!! : )
Helping Mommy shop... he pushed the cart the whole time... getting SO big!
Leaving out dinner for Tommy the Elf
Date Night
Gathered around the iPad
Owen found his hand....look at Ethan's tiny hand.... they made this wreath at church when they had parent's night out... it was for older kids....but they let my 3 was funny to see E's tiny hand next to all of the big kids' hands!!!
Visiting old friends... my friend Tiffany from high school and her kids.... this is Brit!
Waving all throughout his school show!
Dinner after the show with his best bud, Coleman (and Coleman's family, it is nice to be making friends with the parents at St. Joe's!)
Ethan did the parachute at Shaky Bugs ALL BY HIMSELF... he walked around in the circle over and over again..... he is SO big!
Mom, you coming under?!?!
Napping in Sister's bed...
So Sister can nap on his bed... complete with her "monies" and nail polish!
SO proud to be riding Addyson's scooter!
Learning to give
My art project as Homeroom Mom for the kids' Christmas Party
Helping Mommy make the ornaments
Piggy back ride
Ask and you shall receive.....Lorax Tree made by Santa!!!
Giving is a family affair
Dinner before we finish up our Christmas shopping
You know I'm all done with dinner when I start smashing the leftover in my hand!!!!

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