Friday, December 28, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

A Starbucks kind of morning for everyone!!!
(that's whipped cream in their cups)
Hanging out, enjoying our "coffee" while baby naps and dad and Addyson Christmas shop
Time to be silly!!!!
Ethan LOVES animals!!  I discovered that when he is really excited he walks on his tippy toes
All smiles at 5:15am Christmas morning
"I got a Lolax tree!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Something else cute she says- "Linda" on Rio is "Wender"
She knows most of the words to Rio and "Lolax" and it is cute to hear her recite it (on our long drives to take Owen to school) and hear her interpretation of some of the things!! : )
Ready to go to Nammies.... tree in hand
SO SAD.... we told her she couldn't water her tree.... she wants to water it (and did) so it will grow bigger......
This is what a room looks like when you let a 5 year, 2-3 year olds, and a 14 month old play their game.
Passed out... this is what co-sleeping really looks like at our house!
Coloring like the big kids.... man, he is getting SO big!!!!
Giving Uncle Kellen a High 5!
I like Sissy's purse too!
Puzzle Time
Yes, it is several days after Christmas and it still looks like Christmas morning....
This is our tradition!  I don't want to do anything for a couple of days AND I don't want to worry about the house being clean to where I spend more time cleaning up and more time harping on the kids to clean up so... for a couple of days we live like this before we have a MAJOR clean up day!

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