Friday, December 21, 2012

Letters to Friends

Owen is in a letter writing stage..... has been for awhile.  He writes letters/ draws pictures and then folds it up 50 times, sticks it in an envelope, and then gives it to me, his sister, or hand delivers to a friend we see often.
This morning he wrote a letter to his friend Sylvia and wanted to mail it.  I thought, why not!  He was SO excited to hear that we were actually going to put it in the mail and send it to Sylvia's house!!!  Since I'm homeroom mom I have a list of addresses and phone numbers for each child which made mailing this letter really easy to make a reality!
I told Owen that I had to put a stamp on it before we could mail it and he said, "I already stamped it Mom!" and I looked on the envelope to see lots of kid stamps all over the back of it!!  : )
 I put a real stamp on it and sent him out to the mailbox to mail his letter off!  This was a good lesson on how the mail works..... I really hope the "letter" isn't a dying breed due to the internet!  I LOVED getting mail as a kid!
Owen lifted the flag and we were ready for the mailman to come!!!  He has asked for more paper and "kid envelopes" for Christmas..... I should have also asked him to ask for stamps... this could get expensive!!! : )

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