Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lights of the Square

Tonight we went to see the Lights on the Square one last time before Christmas!   Before seeing the lights we ate at our favorite pizza place, Damngoode Pies!  Uncle Kellen came along for the fun. 
- See Ethan's smile?!!?  He does a funny smile, it is not with his whole face like Owen use to... he actually tucks his top lip in and it looks like more of a smirk.  This is his big smile!  So funny!
It was super busy so we had to wait for a table but we were smart... we went ahead and ordered our pizza so when we sat down our pizza wouldn't be far behind us!!!  I told them it would help keeps our kids quiet plus we would be in and out much quicker... freeing up a table sooner!!!
While we waited for our table, we sat at the bar, took funny pictures, and enjoyed a drink!!  :)
My mom and her cousin Anna also joined us to see the lights.  Anna is visiting for Christmas so mom tries to do a lot of fun things with her while she is in town!
We LOVE the square and it is SO enjoyable when the weather is nice!!!  Tonight was another perfect night to see the lights!!!  All we had on were vests and hats with long sleeve shirts!!  Tonight there was a group of young musicians that were AMAZING!!!!  They had an amazing sound.  We could have stayed and watched them all night... we actually stayed and watched them a long time!  Does anyone know what the name of this group is?!?!
We then had to take all of the obligatory pictures in front of the lights!!: )  The kids are not around Anna a lot (she lives in Missouri) so they are a bit hesitant to sit right next to her since they don't know he that well.... both kids wanted to keep a "safe" distance. ; )
So Nammie got in the picture to bring everyone a little closer together! : )
Merry Christmas Anna!
The last thing we had to do before leaving was get hot chocolate with marshmellows!!!  We had 2 very happy kids with hot chocolate!  I was going to try to get them to wait until we got home to get them hot chocolate but Nammie came to the rescue and got them some on the Square!  It made for the full experience!!!  Plus, when we got home it was time to go to bed... and staying up for hot chocolate would not have been a good idea!
We have been to the square a couple of times this year but I don't think I ever posted the pictures!  So here they are!
I think out of 20 pictures this was the best one and one we used on our Christmas cards this year!
We also took Opa and Nina to see the lights after Thanksgiving and I never posted the pictures!
Opa and Nina with their sweet grandchildren!
I'm so thankful the city of Fayetteville puts on this amazing light show!!!  It is so festive and makes for a fun, cheap family night that gets you in the Christmas spirit!!!!  We just love the lights!!!!

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The Ware's said...

We did the same exact thing last night- pizza dinner, same restaurant then onto the square.. too funny!