Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making Sugar Cookies

The last kind of cookie we had to make were the sugar cookies.  Those have been on my "to do" list for a long time but with all of the school functions and birthday parties I just couldn't find the time.  It is now crunch.... we HAVE to get these cookies made by tomorrow.  So, once again, I recruited Kellen for a job in the kitchen and he was happy to help! : )
After Addyson and Kellen made the dough, we rolled it out and the kids took turns picking different cookie cutter shapes to use.
We got a few shapes made but that ended up being short lived.... we didn't chill the dough long enough (due to being short on time) and the dough got SO sticky and wasn't making good shapes.  So we went to plan B....
We let the kids roll the dough into balls....
then they got to smash the ball down with their hand and make hand print cookies.
Once the cookies were made we decorated them with sprinkles!!!
I think Santa is going to like the cookies we made!! : )

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