Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

We had plans to stay home with friends this New Year's Eve.... stay home and relax!!!  Sounded good!  The holidays had me worn out!!!  Then our plans changed a little when Kellen's girlfriend Paz came in town for a surprise visit!!!  None of us have gotten to meet Paz so we wanted all of the siblings to get together to celebrate... that meant getting dressed up and going out.... and finding  a last minute babysitter!!!
So that's what we did.  Times like this I'm extra thankful my mom lives in town and can watch the kids last minute!!!  I got dressed up, took some pictures with the kids (Addyson took the one above), and got ready to ring in the new year with ALL of my siblings!!!
First we went on a double date with Kellen and Paz to Mermaids for dinner and drinks..
The other siblings went on dates with just their significant other.  Aric and Emily are celebrating their one year anniversary tonight and Ryan and Gina were enjoying a date night... this might be their first without the baby since she's been born.  Not sure how we were chosen to spend dinner with this couple but it was so fun to get to know Paz!! : )
And it was sure nice to sit down to a fancy dinner all dressed up with my hubby!!! : )
After dinner, we all met up at the Social Club on Dickson Street.  It is a bar-cade with lots of free old school video games and LARGE Jenga sets!  And if there is any group that can make Jenga fun, that's be our group!
We took it from using our hands to removing pieces.....
to using our foreheads to knock pieces out.... well some of us did that.... others (like me) did not.  I just love Brad's reaction in this picture.  Things are far from boring when he is around!! : )
I think this was the first time EVER ALL 4 siblings were out with ALL 4 significant others!!!!  This was JUST the way I needed to ring in the new year!!!
Okay, and we did a few of these to help ring it in as well.  And I did hesitate to put pictures like this on the blog... I write this blog for my kids about my kids but really, it is about our whole family!  And I want me kids to know that I did a lot with them and for them....
but I also did stuff with their dad and for us, our relationship, and our relationship with others!  And when they are big, I want them to go out and celebrate (however their choose to) with all 3 siblings and all of their significant others.... just like their mommy and daddy did!! : )  And this night was SO special to me that I want to remember it forever... and these pictures will help with that!! : )
Happy 1 Year Anniversary Aric and Emily!!!  You can read about their big day here!
Always a good time with Mr. B
That's more like it! : )
And one more... we were all a bit camera happy tonight!!! : )  I think it was an epic night for all of us!
My sister-in-law Gina!!! She walked up to me and one of the first things she said is, "Are you ready to drink with me tonight?!?!"  Her and I have been pregnant at opposite times for the past 6 years!!  Our relationship has also come so far in the past couple of years... another reason why tonight was extra special.... and lots of pictures to document it! : )
Our form of "chocolate milk"
We left the Dickson Street Social Club and headed over to You Know Uno's for some karaoke.  I think to say we were the life of the bar would be an understatement!! : )
Me and my brothers!!!  We are actually standing in birth order Me, Ryan, Kellen, and Aric
The girls sang my favorite karaoke song, GoodBye Earl by the Dixie Chicks!!!  And we rocked it!!: )
Here we are (minus Aric) huddled in a circle looking down at my phone!!!  I think this picture turned out great.... if only Aric was in it.
My bubba and I, he was sweet enough to make sure we all got home safely!!!!  We actually all went home to ring in the New Year... I was happy to fight the traffic and make sure we made it home safe!
To round out our festivities, Brad and Ethan made breakfast for us in the morning!!!  A great start to 2013.
Happy New Year from my Family to Yours!

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