Saturday, December 8, 2012

Night with the Dixons

There was something about decorating the house that got me in a festive mood.  I was ready to have company over for dinner tonight and every weekend night from now until Christmas!  Ok, that was a little ambitious.... so we started with having company tonight and then we'll see how the rest of our days play out!!!  I made a bit pot of chili and then set up a chili bar with lots of toppings!!!
The kids loved it..... and my secret chili recipe is filled with lots of good veggies (carrots, bell peppers, and tomatoes) that I love pulling a fast one one them!!!!  They requested to sit at our big dinning room table... without adults.... I think the boys had a little motive to sit in this room.... they could watch the basketball game on tv from this table!! : )
Ethan sat in the other room with the adults!!!  This boy LOVES chili!  He ate quick and then wanted down.... I probably should have put him in the other room with the big kids and he would have eaten more.  I think he was ready to get down and run around with the gang!
After dinner Ryan and Troy showed up to play and Uncle Kellen was here too!!!!  It was a full house... full and loud!  Perfect!
The girls were getting tired so they laid themselves down and tucked themselves in to get ready for a sleepover!  We didn't have one planned but we should soon.  When is too soon?  They are just 5 and 3..... I bet it would be lots of fun though!  I just wonder how they will do through the night and first thing in the morning.  Maybe over the break will be a good time to try it out!
Things get a little wild with all of the kids at the house.... lots of running and jumping!  Lots of energy also means a quick burn out at the end of the night so we always try to catch them right before meltdown time..... try to end things on a high note!!!  And that we did!!! : )

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