Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Elf

I don't know if I ever told you about our Elf.  One day Owen came home talking about how everyone has an elf that watches them.  I figured some of the kids at school were talking about their Elf on the Shelf and that is where he got the idea from.  I listened but didn't feed much into it... we don't have an Elf on the Shelf and I didn't want go to buy one.  Owen has an active imagination and he was very happy with just knowing his elf was watching.... he was making up his own stories without our help!  The morning before we left for Branson Owen called Brad into his room and was telling him that he saw his elf in his room and that the elf was watching him and then the elf went into the bathroom and he wanted Brad to go check the bathroom.... Owen's story was so real sounding that Brad was scared to check the bathroom!  I giggle just typing this... Brad actually thought there could be something in our bathroom that was watching Owen.  : )  I had to explain to Brad about the Elf on the Shelf and that was probably where it was all coming from!
Fast forward to our Big Cedar trip, you can have an elf tuck your children into bed and read them a story.  We considered the idea but thought we should run it by the kids first.  Owen was like "No thank you!"  I had to smile!  He is a bit afraid of what the elf might look like if he actually sees it!!!  When we were walking around after dinner the first night we can through the door of the lodge and saw Sprinkles the Elf..... Owen kept a safe distance at first while Addyson posed for a picture and after Owen realized Sprinkles was safe and nice he posed for a picture too!!!  So he got to see an Elf with a surprise visit which was nice (no anticipation of her showing up to our room to tuck him in.... and it didn't cost mommy and daddy a dime!! : ) )
I soon realized that Owen's classroom has an elf that watches them and moves around which is why Owen talks a lot about his elf!!  Owen's elf name is Tommy.  He is 20 years old.  Was born on January 15th.  And Tommy likes broccoli and carrots!!!  I love it!!!!  Well the other night I happened to make Tommy's favorite meal so we had to make a bowl for Tommy and Owen put it on his bookshelf before he went to bed!!!  We also had chicken so we left Tommy some of that not knowing if he'd like it or not.  Owen went to bed and mommy set a reminder on her phone to go check in Owen's room to see if Tommy had visited in the night or not! : )
When Owen woke up he saw an empty bowl and a note!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was SO excited!!!  He carried the note around with him for days (he is holding the note in this picture.... I can't believe this is the only picture I got of this note!) and he took it to school and Mrs. Neumeier read it aloud to the class!  The note said, "Dear Owen.  Thank you so much for the yummy dinner.  I love carrots and broccoli and I love chicken!  You have been doing a good job of listening to your mommy and daddy and being a good big brother.  I will tell Santa you have been good.  Keep Smiling!  Tommy the Elf"
Owen was excited to hear that Tommy likes Chicken and was excited that Tommy was going to tell Santa he has been good!!!  We are having SO much fun with Tommy..... and I love that I didn't have to buy an Elf on the Shelf to make Christmas Elf memories!!!  I wonder if Tommy will be back next year?!?!  Oh, Owen also told Addyson that each person has their own elf and that Addyson has an elf to which she responded "I do NOT have an elf!!!!"  I think the idea of something watching her is a bit creepy..... we'll see if Tommy has a friend next year!!: )

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