Thursday, December 20, 2012

Owen's Christmas Party

Today was Owen's last day of school... it was just a half day... and the kids had their Christmas party during the last hour of the day!  When I got to the classroom Mrs. Neumeier was handing out her gifts to the kids!  She got them each a game and the boys she got a car and the girls got something else (I don't remember... I was so busy running around to get things going that I didn't have a chance to look)
The first thing we did was the craft I had made with the picture ornaments.  There were lots of parents and siblings today that were able to help the kids which was so nice!
I had each child write their name and the year on the back of their ornament so they could look back years from now and see how they wrote their name!! : )  Then they glued different pieces around their face to make the ornament pretty.
Sylvia and Coleman watched Owen finish up his ornament..... funny story, yesterday at the house I was showing Owen the ornaments.  He asked me what color Sylvia had.... red.... then he asked what color he had.... green.... then he cried!  He wanted to have the same color as his friend.... Coleman..... I think he really meant Sylvia but he is a bit shy to admit it at times!!! : )  I think Sylvia is his first innocent "crush" if there is such a thing.  He was SO excited to tell me the other day that Sylvia held his hand during the band performance at school!!!  He was smiling SO big!  Cute!  When I got to school he was sitting next to her on the carpet!  They have been pals since day 1!
After the ornaments were made, I had the kids put their ornaments by their name tags so they could dry and then the parents help set up the next activity... gingerbread men decorating!
Each child had their own kid with icing and toppings!!!!  They were SO excited to see what they go to create all on their own!
I loved going around and seeing what each child had created!
Again, there were plenty of adults around to help!
It was also fun to see all of my hard work in planning pay off!!!
Here is Sylvia decorating her cookies!
Mrs. N was so good about going around and checking in with all of the children!  I was exhausted after planning 1 hour of activities.... I don't know how she does this all day every day!  She is amazing!
I usually try to go to Owen's school activities by myself so I can focus more attention on just Owen but today I had a little partner in crime with me!  Addyson was at gymnastics so I brought Ethan with me.  He had fun watching all of the kids and checking in with Owen to see what he was making!
There were so many neat creations!
And after the decorating was done... the kids enjoyed the cookies!  Here is Ian enjoying his cookie.... his mommy Zora is the one that put together the cookie boxes!!!  She works at a local bakery and does amazing work (she has made all of the baked goods for our parties!!!).  I took lots of pictures to send to her so she could see how much the children enjoyed decorating the gingerbread men!
Yummy!!!  And I saw several parents sneaking a bit or two for their child's cookie!!! : )
Ethan was having goodies of his own... and hamming it up!!!
We packaged up all of the items for the kids to take home with them and finish decorating!
Lastly, we had LOTS of goodies to send home with the kids!  Goodies bags filled with thing... I had also printed out a class picture from the night of the Christmas performance for each child!  One of the moms purchased reusable shopping bags that the kids got to decorate in art class and take home to their parents for Christmas!!!  So many goodies being handed out to a room full of Kindergarteners.... that was crazy!!!
And the last thing we did was hand out teacher gifts!!!  I have been collecting money from the parents for a month and got to go shopping for each teacher last weekend!  The pressure for someone as indecisive as me was a bit much but I think I put together nice gifts for each!!!  Mrs. Mee loves cooking, Razorbacks, and shopping at Target so I had my cousin at Epoc Ink print her a nice kitchen towel with her name on it to put in the Razorback bag with a class picture and gift card to Target!
Mrs. Neumeier loves fishing and has a RV... or we got her a collapse-able shopping basket, pillow for her RV with her name on it and a Trout from Epoc Ink, a class picture, gift card to Academy, Visa gift card, and a gift certificate to get a facial at her favorite salon!  I had the kids tell the teachers thank you for a great first semester and Merry Christmas!!!  Then one of the parents said, "Let's also thank Ms. Ambre for all of her hard work this semester" and all of the parents started clapping and tell me thanks!  It was SO nice!  I even got a nice card from one of the parents with a gift card in it for me!  I don't expect anything for being homeroom mom.... I love doing it for the kids... for Owen... but it sure was nice to be recognized!! : )
Merry Christmas Mrs. Neumeier!!!!  It is been a great first semester and I'm thankful for all you have taught Owen.... now I'm looking forward to having my little man home all to myself for 2 weeks!!: )
But, before we can leave, Owen and I cleaned up the room while Mrs. N took the kids outside to be picked up.... the other "perk" to having your mom as the homeroom get to help clean-up after parties!!! : )  He didn't mind though!  : )

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