Monday, December 17, 2012

Owen's Christmas Show

Tonight we went to Owen's school for his Christmas show that was performed by the 4th graders and accompanied by the kindergarteners and 2nd graders.  The children met in their rooms to wait for the show to start while families gathered in the church to find a seat.  To keep the kids occupied, Mrs. N read them books.  Look at how cute they all are all dressed up.... and sitting on the new carpet I got on Friday as a Christmas present for the room!!! : )
It was time for the show to start so they all filed in and lined up around the alter.  The minute Owen spotted us he started smiling and waving.... and he waved throughout the whole show!!!  It was the cutest thing ever!!!!
The two little kids were just as excited to see him!!!  Ethan kept waving back to Owen and Addyson would wave and call out Owen's name!!!  We were all excited to be attending our first kindergarten performance!!! : )
The 4th graders acted out the story of Jesus on both sides of the alter with the kindergarteners and 2nd graders in the middle of the two "stages" and the group acted as the choir and would sing songs to go along with the story!
There is something SO magical about a children's choir!!!  I just love the sound!!!  And it was that much sweeter having my little angel up there singing his heart out!!!  He has been singing parts of songs for a month now so it was nice to hear the songs in their entirety!
He sang most of the time.... there was a little girl behind him that was singing very loudly and was very animate so he would turn around at times and stare at her.  I later asked what he was doing and he said he was looking at her because she was hurting his ears.... he must have been trying to send her a message with his stares!!! : )
The show was about an hour long and it was beautiful!!!  After, they sent all the kids to their classrooms for the parents to pick up so I ran down to get a group Christmas picture before everyone left!!!!
An adorable end to Owen's first semester of Kindergarten!!!

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