Friday, December 21, 2012

Owen's Presents to Us

This morning is our first morning of Christmas vacation!!  It was SO nice to be able to sleep in, sit around, drink my coffee, hang out with the kids, and relax!!!  No rushing around!  Awwww... I'm loving vacation!!!
Owen is too... but he had to get us our presents to open.... he couldn't wait until Christmas... it was burning a hole in his backpack!! ; )  He made us a card with a Christmas tree on the front with a star on top of it!  And inside he wrote us his own message all by himself (he is learning to sound out words!! : ) )  "HoHoHo Owen Love Moee Daee" with 2 candy canes at the top.  I love how he wrote Mommy and Daddy!!!
 He also had 2 gifts wrapped up that we HAD to open.... and yes, his jammies are too small.... he has tons of jammies that fit but I haven't had time to go through his drawers and take out all of the ones that are too small... so he wears them... he wanted Christmas jammies on and was determined to wear these ones that are a 4T!!!! : )
I got the honors of opening our gifts!
 He made a candy cane out of beads (and also learned how the Candy Cane is used to represent Jesus... which he told us all about) and a wreath for our tree with a bell on it.
Wow... doesn't Brad look excited to see our gifts!! ; )  I had to put this picture on here so you could see the necklace Owen made for Brad this morning.... see, when we don't have to rush out the door Owen's creative juices flow at 7am!! : )  It is a Christmas necklace!!!  We both got one!  These are some of the best gifts a parent can get!!! : )

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