Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Playing with Gifts

The thing I was most looking forward to on Christmas day was hanging out in jammies all morning and watching the kids play with their new toys and playing with the kids and their new toys!!!  My morning was exactly how I had imagined it would be!!!  Owen quickly got to work playing with his meerkat and the Lorax tree!!  He kept saying "Ah, no fair!" about the tree... I think now he wishes he would have asked for one... he just didn't because he didn't think Santa would bring it! : )
Addyson quickly got changed over into her new dress.... she doesn't like to hang out in jammies like we do..... and she put on a new headband and other accessories and we played her new Tinker Bell card game!
One of the ideas I envisioned was all of us laying on our bellies coloring on the BIG coloring pads the kids had!  We go to do that.... surrounded by our Christmas mess..... while Ethan was napping!
Then it was time to check out Owen's new Meerkat Manor dvd!!!  That was a HUGE hit!!!  Owen is quickly learning all of the family members names and is telling me all about them!
It didn't take him long to remember that he had meerkats of his own he could play with while watching his movie!! : )
Ethan loved his scooter!!!  He rode around on it all morning long!!!  I knew he'd love it!
And Owen got a scooter of his own, one of the boards with wheels on it.  The kids figured out how they could push each other around by one of the riding Ethan's scooter and the other riding the board!  Even mommy and daddy got in on the fun!!
Ethan loved his  new race track from Aunt Wendy and family and we had several car races!!!  Turns out the red car is faster.... Owen has picked up on this so he always chooses to be the red car! : )
Owen got a dinosaur fossil dig kit!  It took a long time to get down to the dinosaur so he was trying to take the short cut and pull the dinosaur out.... not so easy.....
so he went back to digging it out and mommy helped a bit to help speed him along!
and before nap we had to paint finger nails!!!!  A perfect end to a perfect morning!!!!
Well almost.... Addyson had to try out EVERYTHING in her new nail polish kit which also meant she had to try out the removal pads.... guess we'll be painting our nails again after nap!!!!  But that's okay... that's my favorite part of Christmas.... playing with all of the gifts!!! : )

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