Saturday, December 1, 2012

Silver Dollar City

Tonight we braved the crowds and headed to Silver Dollar City to see the lights and the light parade!  Had we known how CRAZY it would be we probably wouldn't have gone... so I guess I'm kind of glad we were a bit naive about that whole thing!!!  We headed out at 3 knowing the parade was at 6 (turns out it was at 7) so we thought we'd have lots of time to ride rides and then scope out a great spot for the parade.  Haha!!!  We ended up sitting in our car for ONE HOUR before we even reached the stoplight to turn to go to the park.... and we would have be sitting there another hour if I didn't know a secret about the streets!!!  We ended up driving pass most of the traffic and sneaking in right at the light.... only to find out there was NO parking left!  Ugh!!!  I felt bad for everyone behind us in the LONG line!  We parked on the road RIGHT IN FRONT of the parking lot so we had an easy in and out and didn't have far to walk.... Thank goodness.... on top of juggling 3 kids, I have an injured foot and cannot wear my shoe properly or walk properly!
We thought we were never going to make it but, we did!!!  We made it in time to see the tree light up for the first time of the night and we were all happy to just be out of the car and enjoying the lights!  Now the tricky part was going to be fighting the crowd and keeping up with all 3 kids in the massive craziness of people.... and you know how some people get around the holidays and in crowds.... not so friendly.... but we were there and going to make the most of it all!!!
I told the kids we were not going to be able to ride any rides fearing LONG lines and I wanted to make sure we got a good spot for the parade.  We were pleasantly surprised to find this little kiddie area I didn't even know existed and there was no wait for the carousel... perfect!
So we rode that a couple of times to get our fill of rides!!! : )  How cute are we... I got us matching shirt and vest combos!!! : )
We also found a great kid treehouse that the big kids went through several times before we went to find dinner and a spot!!!  And we got lucky to find a good spot right in front and with a small ledge for the kids to sit on to eat their dinner while we waited!  I had dropped the boys off and Addyson and I went to find food.... there were long lines for everything!  We ended up having to walk up hill with all of our food and Addyson had to help carry the heavy drinks up hill while fighting the crowds and she did great!!!  We all made it and our food made it!!!!
I wanted Brad to take a picture of the boys and I at the top of the hill looking down so you can see the mass of people but you can't even tell!  I'm surprised there are not a ton of extra people in this shot!!!
After lots of waiting, the parade finally started... and it didn't disappoint!!!!
We had front row seats for the perfect view and a perfect opportunity to say Hi to the different characters that came by!!!  So characters all were happy to see.... others.... not so much!! : )
After the parade we hung around for a bit to see if there was going to be a mad dash for the exit.... we didn't want to get lost in the craziness or get stuck in the car!  We had a funnel cake and then left.... with our parking spot it was easy to get to our car quickly and leave before most even made it to their car!!!  We went back to the hotel with tired and happy kids that were sure to dream of Santa, lights, and all of the fun we've had today!!! : )

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