Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

I love waking up on the morning of St. Nicholas Day and seeing goodies at our front door!  Usually first thing in the morning I've forgotten what day it is... even if I go to bed remembering.... so I am always pleasantly surprised!  This morning, however, was a bit different.  I went to bed remembering what today was and then I went to bed...... I was home alone and up early with both boys.... it was 6am.... then I heard a knock at our door....... I was scared!  WHO would be knocking so early and what was I going to do.... I was alone with the kids (Brad has been out of town since Sunday).  I quickly turned and looked towards the door and saw St. Nick running off.... WHEW.... that put MY mind at ease.....
But the kids were still a little apprehensive to go look outside!!: )  I made Owen wait until Addyson was awake and then I asked who wanted to go look outside.  Right away Owen said, "Addyson, do YOU want to?".... he didn't want to be the one. : )  Addyson quickly said, "NO!" so Owen was the brave one to go look outside first and he was excited.... and probably relieved to see....
that it was just St. Nick that came to visit!!!!
Since the coast was clear... and safe.... everyone was excited and started bringing the goodies inside!!
Mom, Look what was in my stocking!!!!
I had to do a lot of "cat herding" to get all of them over to the living room with their stockings!!!  Finally we were all seated with our stockings and the unpacking could begin!
It looks like St. Nick knows all of our favorite snacks and treats!!!!  The kids were so excited to pull each one out and loudly proclaim what they had!! : )
Ethan even go into digging through his stocking!!!  He found several of his favorite fruit pouches and a new phone to go alone with all of his new cars!
I loved sitting back and listening to the older two talk back and forth about what they got.  "Hey Owen, look at what I got!!"  "Addyson, did you see this?" so much constant chatter and they looked through their loot over and over again!
One last thing to open, mommy and daddy's bowl of fruit!!!!  Yummy!!!!
"Can I have one?"  The one downside to the stockings (or really anytime the kids get any sort of goodie bag), they want to consume everything right then and there.... on the spot!  At least open everything and take a bite or two.... so holding them off can be a bit hard as you can imagine! : )
I promised to bring a snack from the stockings with me when we pick up Owen and they can have some goodies them.... that seemed to appease them!  What a great way to start our morning!!!
Thank you St. Nick for all of our goodies!
This also just confirmed to the kids that they have been good so now they are SURE Santa is going to come visit.....
ummmm....... maybe?!?! ; )
Owen then asked me, "Why does St. Nick not want us to see him?  What would he do if we saw him?"  I tried to explain that it isn't that St. Nick doesn't want us to see him and nothing bad will happen if we do... it is just that St. Nick is VERY busy visiting all of the other houses that he just doesn't have time to stay and visit.  I think he was happy with that answer!  Whew!! : )
After the goodies were opened we did our next tradition of calling Nammie to tell her who came to visit!!!  We used my phone instead of Ethan's new one but Ethan did do a lot of talking on his new phone this morning.... he is a bit obessed with phones and anything that could resemble a phone (like the remote) he pushes buttons, puts the phone to his ear, and talks!  So cute!
We spent some time playing Owen's new game before it was time to get ready for school.  What a fun morning.  Thank you St. Nick for all of our goodies!!!!  We'll "see" you again next year!!: )

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