Friday, December 21, 2012

Stockings at Daddy's Work

2 weeks ago we went to Brad's Boss's house for a Christmas party.  It was a family party but we left the kids with a babysitter.... their house is very nice and has stairs so I knew I'd spend my whole time chasing Ethan instead of visiting with everyone.... plus the kids were super excited to see Ashley!
At the party they opened their craft room up to the kids to decorate stockings to hang up at the office and then everyone was asked to help fill them.  I thought that was such a nice gesture and felt bad that I didn't bring the kids with and that the kids were going to miss out on the fun.
The next day Brad told me that someone had decorated stockings for all 3 of our kids and hung them up at the office with the rest of the stockings!!!!  How sweet!  Brad told me later in the week that the stockings were getting full of lots of good stuff!  It was amazing to hear the generosity of the people at SVI!
Brad had offered to bring the stockings home but I thought it would be fun for us all to go up there to open the stockings and to be able to thank some of the people that helped fill them!  When we turned the hallway into Brad's office and Ethan saw his daddy he took of RUNNING!!!!  This was Ethan's first time to run!!!!  It was SO cute!
We found the full stockings and took them back to Brad's office to open!!!!  SO MUCH STUFF!!!!
And many of the gifts were tailored for each gender and age, it was awesome!!
Addyson got a fold up brush with mirror.... I remember having these as a little girl!!!  So fun!
Owen got a set of mustaches!! : )  He put one on and then I couldn't look at him with a straight face!!
Ethan even tried on a mustache!
But it didn't last long!!!  Get this furry thing OFF of me!
Owen then put a mustache on his chin so he could look like Abraham Lincoln!!!!  After going through all of the stockings we went out to thank everyone and with them a Merry Christmas and we all headed home..... Brad's Christmas vacation has officially started!!! : )

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