Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trip to the Park

The weather was gorgeous for a December afternoon!!!  I couldn't believe it!  We had to take full advantage so the kids and I headed to the park to play!!!!
I have been home alone with the 3 kids since Sunday afternoon.... I haven't been a "single parent" for this long with 3 kids in a long time!!!!  I was really nervous Saturday.... afraid I wouldn't be able to do it.... but I'm happy to announce that I did!!!  And it wasn't that bad!  And I did it with a hurt foot... I've been limping around since Friday!!!  The house is relatively clean, the kids are happy, and most of my sanity is intact!!!  There was minimal crying (I think the majority of the crying happened as Brad left Sunday afternoon.... Owen was SO sad and it was so sad to watch him try to express how much he was going to miss his daddy while his daddy was gone) and minimal rushing.... it is kind of funny.... when I am doing it on my own I just know I have to get up early and everything that has to get done to start and end our day.... when Brad is home I rely on him a lot and then underestimate that time needed..... so things actually ran really smoothly and it was a great week!
All that was left to do was get through this afternoon!!!  And the perfect place to "buy" time is the park!!!  Even though Ethan is still young, I can actually sit back and the kids do really good playing by themselves..... when the other 2 were this age I had to follow them around the park constantly (actually, at this age, Owen wasn't walking yet so I had to do most everything for him at the park).  Ethan climbs up the stairs to get up on the playplace and then he can go and sit down to go down the slide... which he also does all by himself!!!!
 As the kids were running around playing, Addyson looked over and spotted her daddy and squealed with delight "Daddy is HERE!!!!" and at that point both kids went running over to him!!!!  MELT. MY. HEART!!!!!  See, I never tell them when he is coming home for fear that plans change and they will be disappointed... instead, they are always pleasantly surprised to see him!!: )
Well most of them.... Ethan turn and ran the other direction at first.... and then he went over to Brad crying and when Brad picked Ethan up, Ethan just put his head on Brad's shoulder and hung on tight... overwhelmed with emotion!!!  SO. SWEET!!!!!  I remember when Owen was about 18 months old and Brad had been gone several weeks..... I was putting Owen to bed and our front door opened so Owen went running down the hall to see who was here.... he saw Brad and he turned to run towards me bawling.... he was SO overcome with emotion to see his daddy after so long.... today reminded me of that.  These little guys are so raw with their emotions!!!  Ethan held on tight for a long time.... no smiles.... just contentment.... he would look up at Brad, Brad would smile, and then Ethan would just put his head back down on Brad's shoulder.  We are ALL happy to have our daddy home.... and this makes me even more thankful that Brad has a new job where he doesn't travel that often!!!!  What a fun ending to our nice trip to the park!!: )  I actually left Brad and the kids at the park while I ran home to make dinner... it is nice being able to tag team again!! : )

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