Friday, December 7, 2012

TV Addict

Ethan is a bit of a tv addict these days..... I don't remember the other kids sitting down to watch tv like this at this age.... Addyson wasn't really into tv until after 2 if I remember correctly.  I'm not sure where this comes from but I'm sure it is a combo of watching and doing like the big kids do AND mornings are a bit crazy here so tv is a bit of a crutch used to keep the kids happy while Brad and I rush around getting things ready for the day!
And I use the back room a lot to try to keep things in the rest of the house quiet while others sleep.... Ethan is up SO early and he is kind of a loud kid.... and I really need the others to sleep in so they are not tired at school....
and tv with a cup of cereal seems to do the trick!
It actually keeps the dogs quiet in the morning too!!!  They usually run around and bark at each other first thing in the morning but..... if there is food out they are both sitting by the food waiting for something to fall or for Ethan to reach out and feed them.... so the house stays quiet longer with a little tv and cereal!
And then when Addyson wakes up, she takes control of her chair..... but most days she likes Ethan to sit on her lap so that keeps the peace until I am ready for them to get dressed and ready for the day!  So, while I'm not proud of it and probably shouldn't be announcing it publicly....... I think my 14 month old is addicted to tv!!! : )

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