Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

The weekend flew by!!!  We have had this weekend planned for probably 6 months and have been looking forward to it for a long time..... now, it is over.  But, I'm happy to say the weekend lived up to all expectations and more!!!  So many fun memories were made, lots of time was spent together, many laughs were had, and we even got some good Santa moments to talk about!!!
There were some things we were really worried about that turned out to not be an issue.... seeing worrying before necessary does you no good... I worried for no reason!!!

- weather was BEAUTIFUL
- eating out wasn't so bad
- we all shared one room but we all got good sleep
- Silver Dollar City was crazy busy but we enjoyed the lights
- We started off on the wrong foot because Brad got stuck at work late but, all in all, it worked out perfectly and once 5pm on Friday passed Brad got no more phone calls and we put work aside!!!
All the little things I had planned in my head turned out just how I wanted.... that doesn't usually happen for me.... things usually turn out great but never as I had planned!  Brad humored me and changed the kids outfits 3 times yesterday because I had a different outfit in mind for each occasion.... and he didn't even complain! : )  The kids were great about going with the flow when they needed to, changing activities when asked, and living in the moment (they are at the stage, especially Addyson, where they are always asking "What are we going to do next?"  It was great!  The weather was perfect at night so Brad and I could have some alone time out on the balcony to have a drink and reflect on the day... I really treasured that time because lately he has been working in the evenings so to have him to myself was really nice!  Brad also had the Santa experiences planned out, that was his big plans for the weekend and those played out perfectly too!  The weekend was almost textbook perfect!
Before we left today to head home, we went swimming.... I left my camera in the car... probably the one thing I was disappointed about this weekend..... there were so many firsts that happened so I HAVE to at least mention them even if I don't get to show pictures about them!
- Owen runs and jumps in and swims all by himself (he started that this summer but sometimes when there is a gap in time he'll forget he can do something.
- Owen went down the water slide by himself
- Ethan started jumping in, with help of course, but he LOVED it!  He kept wanting to get out and jump in again!
- Addyson was a little momma hen that got towels for everyone and made sure Ethan was okay in the pool!
It was an amazing weekend with my whole family!!!  I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom and spending lots of time with the kids but there is something about the weekends together that actually provides more quality time.  It probably helps having an extra set of hands around to help with a kid or two so I can have some more individual time with a child.  Getting away from the house, dogs, and everything else that sits and waits for me at home was also nice!  That too gave me more time to focus on the kids!  We head home with our hearts full, we are exhausted but happy, and in the Christmas spirit!  I think we are going to make this a yearly tradition!  I can't wait for next year!

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