Saturday, March 31, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

 What I have to wear when mom forgets my hat
 Cutest farmer I've ever seen!
 Helping Mommy shop!!! (I LOVE going to ONF because the kids do everything; push cart, load up cart, and unload cart!!!)
 Yes, lettuce wraps for lunch!
 Going on a hike looking for a hotel and watching out for monsters
 Drinking "wine" with mom.... also using our new patio ledge as a seat!!!
 Matching Hair (or lack there of) styles
 Trying out our mini doughnut maker with friends (made with whole wheat flour.... not bad!)
 Ready for food!!!!

Flashback Friday
 Car shopping with our two kid

Thursday, March 29, 2012

He's Ready

So, turns out my baby isn't really a baby any more.  He doesn't want to sleep all day, he isn't content staying in his car seat too long, he doesn't want to lay on the floor and play with toys for hours on end.  No,
he's ready to be a big baby and graduate to an exersaucer!  Yep, he's ready.  More than ready and... I had no idea!  I had thought about the exersaucer and how "one day" I should get it out.  He is 5 months... that is still too young, right?  I mean, he is still small, frail, can't hold himself up, he'll have more fun rolling around on the floor, at least that is what I thought.
Until last night when I was at the gym.  I went to do Zumba and put the kids in childcare giving the workers specific instructions for them to put the baby where no one could get in his face (RSV is/was going around).  Then, halfway through call, I peaked in on them and saw they put E in their exersaucer.... and he was happy..... I walked back to my spot with tears in my eyes.... and I was mad and sad all at the same time!
How dare they put him in an exersaucer for his first time???  That was for ME to do!  I wanted to document it.  I wanted to be there for his first time.... that's one of the reasons I enjoy staying home... I'm there for almost all of the "first" moments.  Not this one.  Oh, I was SO sad!  Then I got really mad at them.  It wasn't their right to take that from me!  Not only that but, him being in the exersaucer also meant that there were three little girls in his face!!!  See, they shouldn't have done that!!! Then I was super mad that I left my phone in the car.... no pictures of this first moment.  Ugh!!!!
"Hey, what's this???"
Then, I calmed down.  I had to.  I had to look at the bright side!  What else was there to do?  This moment has happened and is over... now, find the good in it.  I quickly realized that these girls were telling me something about my baby that I didn't want to acknowledge.... he's ready.... he's big... he's not a tiny baby any more that is happy to lay around on the floor.
Nope!  He's ready.  He wants to be up.  He wants to stand.  He wants to be active.  Just look at his legs, this picture.  It is blurry because he is moving!  Happy.  Dancing!!  He says, "Finally!  Finally my mom knows I'm ready for this!  I'm big!"
So, I put my anger and sadness aside and told myself that I could go home and recreate this moment and that it would still be special!  And it was!!!  Even Owen noticed!  He saw our exersaucer and said that ours was different than the one at the gym!  And, it is!  It has more stuff!  Lots of stuff!!
Things I didn't even think Ethan would notice but, he did!!!  He turned himself around.  He saw everything!  He played with everything!!  He even tried to eat everything!!!!  He kept going back to the globe, one of the only tall play toys that doesn't bend forward, and he would get SO frustrated that he couldn't put it in his mouth!  he would try. He would pull, give up, move on, and then go back and try again!  He was ready for this toy.  Honestly, I think I knew he was ready but, I didn't know how ready!  I didn't know he would figure out how to turn around and play with everything all at one time.  My baby is growing up!
Do you know what else he is ready for?!?!  Take a look!!!  See the air/space under his belly?!?!  This boy is ready to crawl!!!  He is getting up on his knees!!!  At 5.5 months old he can make a tee pee shape with his body and then he pushes off his toys and lunges forward!  He also rolls around, reaches, and somehow manages to make it all around.  Now, he is showing me that he is ready to crawl.  He is ready.... am I????


Want to know why Shilo wears a diaper......
Because when my mother-in-law says to me, "Your dog is watering my roses" as we are visiting her BRAND NEW house, I don't want to worry!  He was caught... and he knows it!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 When Addyson climbed into her car seat after school she looked SO super cute sitting there.  One of those moments when I look at that sweet face and she melts my heart!  Thankful she is mine!  Thankful for her cuteness to remind me how special she is to me.... she is my "trying" one and sometimes I think I focus on that too much and forget about all of her other qualities.... good qualities!!
Qualities that I know are going to make her a strong, independent, determined, and hard working young lady. Qualities I want my little girl to have!  However, these special qualities also make it harder for me to parent her!!! : )  But, these moments of cuteness more than make up for the harder times! So, I wanted to capture it... that look... that beauty.  My camera was right beside me so I got it out, without saying anything, and tried so hard to get that look....
 That cuteness!!! My little girl proudly holding her umbrella she made in class today.  I was hoping to have that look captured for eternity..... instead..... she saw the camera.....
and she did this.... in true Addyson fashion! : )
Did you see in the picture above that she was starting to make this wonderful face?
And just like that.... that sweet moment was gone and sassy Addyson was back!  Love my sassy girl!  It is a cute side too!

Blue Hair

 Today, Owen's class had their second Crazy Hair Day of the year.  I don't have a lot of hair tricks in my bag besides using hair spray to style a messy do.... creative, I know!  It probably wouldn't have bothered Owen to have the same hair do as last time but, I wanted to try to do something different... I just wasn't sure what.
Then, yesterday, an email went around the MOMS Club that I'm a part of talking about how to dye kids' hair that is easy and washable and I knew that was my way to spice up Owen's messy do!!!  The key ingredient... chalk!
I mashed up some of the kids' blue sidewalk chalk in a little bowl and then I added a tiny bit of water.  It turned into a paste and then I applied that to Owen's hair!!!  It worked!!!  Addyson wanted in on the fun but her class wasn't participating in CHD.  Not only that but, I had a feeling if I fixed her hair she would be messing with it ALL day.  She'll get her turn soon!
Owen LOVED his new do!!!  It totally made his morning!!!
 Actually, it made his WHOLE day!!!  As we walked into school so many people commented on his blue hair... that ended up matching his shirt almost perfectly.... his face just lit up with each comment and he walked into his class with a HUGE smile on his face!
Tonight, the chalked washed out easily.... despite Owen's requests to keep his blue hair because he likes it.  I'm glad to have this trick up my sleeve!  And so is Owen!  As we went to bed he asked if he could have his hair blue tomorrow!! : )  Not only that but, every night one of the things I ask is, "What was your favorite part about today?" and tonight he said, "Crazy Hair Day"!  Funny how something SO simple makes such an impact on these little guys!  I have a feeling we'll be having our own at-home Crazy Hair Day soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Home & Winner

We are home, unpacking, and adjusting to life off of the road!  It is weird to eat breakfast without the wind blowing in my hair and sun shining on my face!  It was weird to sleep last night not pressed up against a wall.  I went to bed thinking I felt the bed rocking... kind of like having sea legs!  I woke up in the middle of the night not knowing where I was.  Today, I'm sad to be home and unpacking.  Is that weird?  Most people are happy to get home after a vacation.  Not me, not this vacation.
11 Days on the Road
5 days in Port Aransas
5 different cities visited in Texas- McKinney, Austin, San Antonio, Port Aransas, and Georgetown
2 nights "camping" in the driveway of family
1 night boon docking
9 hours was the longest stretch of driving hours
2 "keeper" fish caught
3 Happy kids full of wonderful memories
1 tired puppy who matured as a successful family pet
1 metal Hog that now sits at our front door
2 Happy parents
1 time of me saying, "We do NOT put black beans in our nose" as we almost had to take Addyson to the hospital when she was crying at dinner that there was a black bean in her nose!  I didn't believe her, I couldn't see it.  I had her blow her nose, told her it was gone (hoping it was), and kept eating my dinner.  She screamed.  I knew then that there must really be a bean in her nose... really?!?  Seriously???  Yep, I laid her on my lap, looked up her nose, and saw a black bean!  I never thought I'd say those words but, I did!  Yep, I said, "We do NOT put black beans in our nose".  #thingsmothersofkidssay
And One bell pepper eaten when we got home that I swore would not be eaten... at least not plain at the kids' pretend birthday party!  Who would have thought?!?!  Not me!!!  At least it kept them occupied while we unpacked the RV... which, I'm sad to say.... is still not completely unpacked.... : (
You know what else I never imagined????  A successful Giveaway!!!!  Yep, the last thing on my recap of this week is ....
1 successful gDiaper giveaway
64 new followers!
Thank you to everyone who entered, shared your favorites, blogged about it, followed me, and liked gDiapers on Facebook!  Thanks to one momma, I have a new favorite that they no longer make ...gCamper.  I had fun reading all of the comments and reading some of your blogs!  I hope you have had as much fun reading mine and I hope you continue to check in with me!!!  We are always up to something fun!
Now, to end the suspense.....
Congratulations to Jennifer over at Hollands on the Hill who wrote: You know I love the gDiapers! :) And I am in need of some size large ones so I can build my stash for Jade.

I am already follower of yours, and I just "liked" gDiapers on Facebook.

My favorite diaper color is actually the glacier blue. I love the pink ones too, but we already have some of those! We use the biodegradable inserts at nighttime (doubled up) and organic cotton cloth inserts during the day. They are so, so easy

Thanks for the idea of doubling up at night!!!  I know Jade is going to look so cute in her new gs!!!  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa's

Goodbye Port Aransas!!  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories... and pictures!!!  We've had a blast, made some incredible memories, and are already planning our next trip down!  I can't believe we are all packed up and headed out.  I don't want to go! I want to stay!  We are all enjoying this life of leisure! This life of all 5 of us together 24/7... even being cramped in a tiny space at night hasn't gotten to us!  Nope, in fact, we love it!  I'm ready to head out on the road for a year!!!
But, instead of heading out on the road for a year, we are boarding a ferry to leave Port A and head to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Georgetown, TX for a quick layover until we get back on the road and head home.  I'm trying not to think about that just yet.  I'm trying to sit back, with a smile on my face, and soak up every last minute.... no fretting and frowning about what my Sunday will look like....
Nope, just enjoying the cuteness of the big kids huddled together for the trip to Grandma's house as they play with painted shells that Addyson got for both of them at the seafood market!  Brad stopped to get one last round of fresh seafood and Addyson went in with him while I waited with the boys in the RV.  Any time anyone goes anywhere Addyson is going with!!!  If you don't take her she screams cries.  So, we've learned to just take her with and save the waiting parent the stress!  The lady working at the seafood market offered Addyson one of the shells and then Addyson asked,"Can I take one for my brother?"  Sweet girl is always thinking of Owen.  Then, she picked him out a Spiderman one knowing he is into Spiderman these days!  Love, love, love her heart!  Wish Owen was as grateful.....he was eyeing her Sponge Bob shell and wanted it.... cried because he didn't have THAT one!  Trying to explain how to be grateful to a crying 4.5 year old is a bit .... challenging.... somehow they worked it out.... Addyson made a game out of it and the trip was able to continue tear-free!
After a quick nap, we made it to Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!  Grandpa was out of town so the kids soaked up their time with Grandma!!!  Her toys, her new house, and her company!!!  See Addyson's hat???  She is very proud of that hat!  She found it this morning as we were packing up the RV in a bag of hand-me-downs from Lucy!  She hugged the bag and said, "I Love my new clothes!!!"  and the hat, she wore it everywhere and told everyone, "Lucy gave me this hat!!!"  Guess her love of the hand-me-downs means I don't have to go clothes shopping for her this season!! : )
G & G's house has a great fossil searching area right behind them and Owen put the area to good use!!!  Hunting fossils with dad and then with Grandpa the next morning!!!  Grandma gave him a bag to put all of his treasures in and we came home with a lot of them!!!  Bag full of dinosaur teeth, TRex bones, and a snake skeleton.... love his imagination!
Addyson didn't want to hunt fossils but that was okay.  It just gave her and Grandma a chance to bond one-on-one!!!  And since I think Addyson is a mini Brad I'm wondering if there is an extra special bond between those two because of the connection.
G & G have two live-sized brass parrot statues!  The kids loved them!!!  I tried to get Grandma to give them to use to put beside our hot tub.... no luck... not yet anyway!
Speaking of parrots, Addyson is the parrot in our house!!!  She repeats EVERYTHING!!!!  Several times!!! Especially if Owen says it or does it!  She will not make any decisions on her own.  When I ask her what she wants to eat she'll turn to Owen and say, "What do you want Owie?"  OR she will wait for Owen to answer and then she will repeat what he says.... she is our.... or at least Owen's little parrot!
I really wanted to go take pictures of the kids and dog in the blue bonnets but we never made it. : (  The only ones we saw were along the highway and while some people were stopped to take pictures, I wasn't brave enough to get our crew out along the highway for pictures.  Instead, this picture of Shilo in the green grass will have to do for this trip!  Next time... blue bonnets are on our "to do" list!
After a quick overnight visit, we loaded back into the RV to head for home... trip is over. : (  In the RV came a bag full of stuff from Grandma's pantry.  You would think we don't feed our kids.  That, or Addyson is already a mini hoarder!  If Grandma offered it, Addyson took it!  Sweet potato, red pepper, Italian dressing packets, pistachios.... the pistachios I was thankful for!  It helped entertain the kids for about 30 minutes as they broke into each shell and then ate the meat!  I'm going to keep the bag in the RV for the next trip!!!
One of our last stops to stretch our legs was at a roadside fruit stand.... any of you have luck with those???  We didn't and now I'm turned off of all of them... please tell me this was a one time thing!  We spent $6 for a basket of peaches... that ended up being dry and gross, $6 for a basket of plums.... have were good, the other half were gross, and $5 for a basket of oranges.......I would have rather eaten out at that price!!!  How can you tell the fruit is good before you leave???  How do you know peaches are not dry... they looked so good... and I was SO wrong!  Not sure we'll be stopping at one again unless you tell me there is still hope!
Owen ate 3 good plums.... and he loved them!!!  I guess that made the stop worth it!  
We had a 9 hour drive home and it was great!  Kids did SO good!  I have to say that we are now spoiled to RV travel!!!  The ease of getting to the kids, feeding them (nursing Ethan), entertaining them, and then getting them ready for bed before we get home to make the transition to home and bed much easier was SO nice!!!  I'm not sure what I/ we are going to do on our next van road trip.... makes spending the extra gas money on the RV SO worth it!!!  We made it home at 9:15 and everyone was in bed asleep by 10!!!  After 11 days on the road, we are home!!!  Home sweet home!!!  Thanks for following our adventure!  I'm looking forward to our next trip and blogging about it!!!  We said that at the end of this trip we'd either LOVE RVing or HATE it and would be listing the RV for sale Monday.... there will be no sale sign going up.... we LOVE it!!!!  Until next time.....