Friday, August 31, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

 "These are my morning glasses"
 I'll take a whole rice cake please!!!
Brad broke E off a piece and handed it to him.... Ethan put the piece back in the back and waited until he got a whole one!!!  Funny guy!
 Face paintings at Family Fun Day.... a Razorback and a butterfly
 Snack time occurs on the drive to pick up Owen
 Playing with the dolls... in the firetruck
 A Razorback American Girl.... she was dressed while a little someone was suppose to be napping!
 A young Philipp Lahm
 Checking for loose teeth
How I spend my morning coffee time..... before rushing around like a crazy lady to get the kids out the door.
 Lunch Date with Daddy at his work.... Razorback Tailgate party.
I had asked her to bring me a cookie if they had any and she DID!!!  She was So proud to give it to me!!!!
 Finishing up her nap while going to pick up Owen..... it isn't easy to be woken up!
 Note to self: don't take kids to self check-out at 5pm with 50 items in your cart... frustrating!!!!
 Are we there yet?
 Not even 5 minutes down the road and he is passed's been a long day/week of school!
 He wrote "Opa" by himself!
Perfect seat for Elmo watching in the RV
Camping "date night" in the rain.... 
kids are cozy in the camper and we are enjoying time together outside!

Dinner Night 1

 After swimming, we were all hungry... starving!  Seems like most nights Etan is eating the majority of his meal before we start eating and then he ends up being down and ready to get down as we are getting started.  I need to time E's dinner better because this happens almost every night!
Hey Mom, you should try these beans!!!  Hey Moms, you know what I think are a must for camping?!?!  This great high chair that can attach to most tables!  I love it and it folds up really small and can fit under the camper!  We also get A LOT of use out of this placemat.... I purchased it when Owen was a baby and it has been well used by Owen, Addyson, and now Ethan!!!  Perfect plate for Ethan while camping and I take it to all restaurants with me!
Hey Addyson, don't you want to smile for the camera?!!?  Oh right, Hey Addyson, don't look at the camera.... I don't want to see you smile!!!
Oh there you are.... peeking out!
This camping trip I tried to prepare some "salads" before we left.  We wanted to have nice dinners but I find that cooking in the small RV kitchen and the big clean up after is NOT what I want to be spending my time doing!  Instead, when the kids napped on Thursday I made some of Opa Tick Tack's Onkie salad and Brad made a couscous salad.  That was one of the best things we did to prep for this trip!
Dinner night 1 consisted for grilled veggies, sausage, and Onkie salad!!!  Grilling was quick so it didn't take long to get dinner on the table for my hungry kids!
Hey Owen, why are you hiding from the camera?!?!  That is the new game at this house.... when you see the camera.... hide!  I'm not a huge fan of this game but the kids think it is funny!
Hey dad, is that sausage done yet????  Oh, we grilled asparagus and carrots!!!  Yep, carrots!  They were really good!  I needed the carrots to be soft for Ethan so we can it a try and it worked out pretty good!  We'll be grilling carrots again!
While waiting for the sausage the kids started out with Onkie salad.... I usually make it with elbow noodles but I had colorful shell noodles at home so I use that this time.... turns out shell noodles are fun....
to eat using your fingers!!!!
It is hard to tell the big kids not to eat with their hands when Ethan gets to do it!!!  And really, I guess there are times when rules can be broken for the sake of fun... that is part of what camping is all about right!?!
She thought so!
And so did he!  All I have to say is Brad better sit down and use his fork or I might have to no longer use shell noodles!! : )

Want to know what Onkie salad is?!?!  It is a yummy noodle salad my Opa has made my whole life!  My sister called it Onkie salad when she was little and that name has stuck!  It is a staple at family BBQs in Canada and now my in the states is hooked on it and my mom has made it for bbqs I don't even go to!  It is noodles, a can of peas (with the juice), dill pickles (about 3-4 depending on size), tomatoes (2 depending on size), diced ham, hard boiled eggs (2-3), mayonnaise, some pickle juice, salt and pepper to taste.  The trick this this salad is cutting up everything into really little pieces.... NO big pieces!!!  The amount of mayonnaise and pickle juice is also variable... you just have to stir it all up and tasted it and see if you like the amount of dressing on the noodles.  I like it served sort of warm day 1 and then it is SO good the following day(s) cold as leftovers!  Next time you have a bbq you'll have to give it a try!
Here is Owen eating his grilled carrot like corn to avoid eating the "black parts".  I love that dinners are fun and healthy even when we camp!!!!  Brad puts a lot of effort into making sure that we don't just eat hot dogs and chips while we camp.... so much so that he starts menu planning weeks before... fine tuning it before the big shopping trip.  Can't wait for our yummy dinner tomorrow night!

Swimming Fun

Love this sweet boy!!!!  Man, I am going to soak up every single second of having him around these next 4 days!!!  I'm starting to have withdraws with him being gone more than he is home!!!!
Oh Mom, you are so funny!!!!
Wanna know the best way to clean your dirty kids when you are camping?!?!  First of all, there are no bath tubs in the public restrooms and there is no bath tub in our camper so....... we load up our wagon and head to the pool!!!!
The chlorine will kill all the bad stuff, right?!?!  And the pool water is just as good as a bath tub, right?!?!  All I know is the kids come out clean, happy, and ready for bed so it works for me!
Silly me, I sent Brad back to the camper to change with the kids while I stayed with Ethan at the pavilion.... that meant that Brad got to swim with the kids while I stayed poolside and took pictures.... sure wish I got to swim.  This campground has a great indoor pool!!!!  Perfect for this rainy day!
Ethan got in too!!!  He hasn't been swimming much.... he wasn't sure what to think about it at first.... probably a little cool touching his bare belly.....
Then he really got into it.  He played around with Brad, watched the big kids, and did lots of screaming!  Man, that little guy can scream!  I've always called him our little piggy.... his scream can sometimes sound like a piglet squeal!  And let me tell you, in an indoor pool.... it echoed and filled the whole place!  Glad we were the only ones in there at this point!
Owen had fun playing with his soccer ball in the pool.... not an ideal pool toy but he insisted!   He practiced swimming under water to get his ball!!!  Look at him go!!!  He's an official swimmer!  Lessons this year really paid off!
Addyson isn't swimming on her own without floaties BUT, she is swimming on her own with them!!!  That is a huge step!!!  I can tell she is much more comfortable in the water and playing around without being attached to Brad or I!
Ethan started really having fun once he got use to the pool temperature!
Addyson practiced her back float.... on her own!!!
Owen practiced his ball float!
And Ethan practiced splashing!!!
Then it was time to show off the jumping skills!!!!  Look, he can jump in with no floaties and swim!
Ethan's favorite pool game......1, 2, 3... Wee!!!!!!
Seeing them having all the fun really made me wish I was in there.... I actually thought about jumping in with my clothes on..... oh well, next time!
Addyson wanted to make sure I felt included.... so she came and hung on my legs for a bit! : )  Look at that grin..... looks like she is about to be up to no good!
Camera fun..... OK MOM, enough pictures!
Happy baby swimming!!!  SO cute!  Ok, the pictures aren't the best quality... it was really humid in there so my camera kept fogging up and the lighting was really weird!  So, none of these pictures will will photo of the year but they still capture the fun......
And crazy times..... Dare I even caption this photo?!?!  At least she isn't peeing in the pool.... right?!?!
One thing that Ethan is really good and (and is really impressive) is that he can squat down to pick up an item... even big and heavy items.... stand up, and keep walking!!!!  He has been doing this for about a month and this is an older skill!!!
And I think he is going to be a sportie natural like Owen!!!  He threw this ball down on purpose!!!!  Yep, he get's it!!!  I was so impressed!  Soon he will be dribbling!
Then he got the ball to do it again!!!!  Very purposeful!  Think I can sign him up for first touch soccer next season?!?!  I think he is ready! : )
Ok, we are all clean, tired, and hungry.... time to head back to the camper to eat and head to bed!  What a fun afternoon.... despite the rain!