Thursday, January 31, 2013

Owen's PJ Day at School

This week at Owen's school is Catholic Schools Week so every day the kids get to do different activities and they get to wear fun things like crazy hat, shirt from your favorite state, and pjs!!!  Today is PJ day.  Yesterday we had a bit of a meltdown as we were trying to pick out the perfect jammies to wear today.  He INSISTED on superhero jammies but all of his are WAY too small (his belly shows) and most of the are short sets.  I told him there was NO way he could wear those to which he replied, "FINE, them I'm not wearing ANY jammies tomorrow!!!!" (he is in a new stage of "pouting"... he also tells me, after I've gotten on to him for something, "Fine, then I'm not going to be your mom anymore!!!"  haha!!!  I think he says this because the kids tell each other "Fine, I'm not going to be your best friend anymore" when they are not getting their way.)  I'm not one to really care about the fits.... I can ignore them.... but I knew there was a bit of peer pressure behind the super hero jammies.... all the "cool kids" would be wearing them... and I knew he really did need a new pair so I made a quick trip to the store last night and got these Batman jammies for about 75% off!!!  Score!  I made one boy VERY happy and got a great deal!!!  But the look on his face when he saw the jammies was priceless and I could have paid full price if I had to!! :)
Fast forward to this morning and our little man was SO excited to get ready for school!  He slept with his jammies hanging on his bed and was ready to put them on as soon as he woke up!  I'm in a carpool now so here is the crew I took to school... every Addyson was still in her jammies...she fit right in!!!: )
When we got there and I saw that one of the boys was wearing Super Hero jammies and another skull jammies I was glad I ran to the store.... his bear jammies would just not have been that cool!! :)
Here is part of his class.  How cute are they?!?! : )
One VERY happy little boy!!!  This made it all worth it!!!!
One a side note- he has worn these jammies now 5 nights in a row!!!  One of my biggest complaints is that the kids change jammies every night so most of the laundry I do is jammies.... I think I may have found a solution to my problem!!!  : )
Today was also the school's monthly assembly where they announce the Panther of the Month, give out other awards, and acknowledge those who brought in over 50 Box Tops.... last semester Owen never heard his name called and kept asking why.... we really don't buy a lot of things that have Box Tops on this.... so this semester I promised him we'd make it to 50..... and we did with the help of some friends!!!  We turned in over 50 Box Tops and today his name was called to get his goodie bag... he was SO excited to come home and tell me!!!  Again, that smile made all to soliciting worth it!!! : )
Unpacking his goodie bag.... and just like others shared with us to help him get enough Box Tops... he shared his goodies with his sister!!! : )

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Library Time

Today I organized our monthly Lunch Bunch with the MOM'S Club.  We were meeting at a local sandwich shop close to the library so I invited the moms to meet us for Toddler Time before lunch if they wanted to.  We had a small group show up and it was lots of fun!  I got there a bit early so the kids could do one of the favorite things at the library...... play the computer!!!  This is especially fun since mom's computer is off limits!! : )
Besides having my younger 2, I also had Addyson's best friend Isabella.  She came to play at our house before the library.... which is how she ended up with a band-aide on her forehead.... she (barely) bonked her head on Addyson's door but the girls are at the stage where you put a band-aide on the tiniest cut or anything that slightly hurts..... so Isabella went to the library looking a bit dramatic and we got lots of questions.... I had to laugh!! : )
The theme at today's Toddler Time was pirates so they got to hear several stories about pirates and then they made eye patches as their craft!!  They got to add gems to their eye patch and sparkle it up.  The girls loved it!!!
"Argh Matey"
I love these 2!!!  I asked them to pose for a picture and they grabbed each other for a big "best friend hug"!!!!  So sweet!!!  It is funny.... they act like siblings.... it is a love/hate relationship!!!  Not really hate, they know how to aggravate each other if the mood brings them to do so.  Thankfully today was all fun, games, smiles, and hugs!!! : )
After Toddler Time, we went back out into the library to look at some books and do some puzzles!!  I think this is one of Ethan's favorite things to do at the library.  After all of that fun we had worked up an appetite to go eat!!!  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of our whole group!!  It is probably because I was a little busy managing 2 hungry toddler and a hungry/active baby!!!  I love our Lunch Bunch but right now I don't get to chat much with the ladies.... I'm busy chasing kids!!!  That's okay.... my time will come..... Ethan is going to sit still one day..... right?!?! : )

Monday, January 28, 2013

Afterschool treat

Today we had a nice afternoon visit with Nammie.  I usually watch baby Millie on Mondays but since we've been sick her mommy decided it was best to keep her home.... can't say I blame her!! : )  That freed up our afternoon so when my mom texted me to see if I wanted to get together for ice cream I knew the kids would love that sweet surprise!! : )
Ethan, who isn't a big fan of sweets, even enjoyed himself!!!!  He sampled cookies and sampled ice cream and enjoyed being one of the big kids!! : )  He didn't eat much... he just likes to carry these things around with him.... helps him feel included!
Then there is Addyson, she loves to sample EVERYONE's!!!!  She always asks, "Can I try a bit of yours????"  Today was no different.  She got a little taste of everyone's....and finished what Nammie left in her cup!!!
Owen is content eating his.... and only his!  If you offer him a bite, he politely refuses.  He rarely asks for a bit of anyone's.... I can't remember the last time he asked to try something of mine.  Funny how they are all so different!!
After a long night last night and no nap, I was really craving sweets.... this met my need....helped me entertain the kids...... and helped the kids get their "Nammie fill".   Thanks Nammie for our sweet afterschool treat.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mommy/Owen Date

Everyone is feeling better and ready to get out of the house!!!  I thought Owen and I would go to Sam's and had mentioned the idea to him of the 2 of us going shopping.... he said he was ready to go on a date with mommy!!!  Well that plan kind of changed when the rest of the family was ready to get out and go with .... so the whole family went to Sam's and Owen was disappointed.... cute that he was really looking forward to our special time.... so I promised him I'd make it up to him after nap (To which he tried to talk me out of a nap... he was ready to go... but mommy needed a nap!!!!)
And then it was time for our Mommy/Owen date!!!!  I really enjoy/savor these special times with the kids one-on-one!!!!  The amount of cuteness that comes out of them when they are alone is too much to take!!!!  Owen turned it on big time for me and I just ate it up!!!!
We went to a local restaurant to get a snack.  First Owen got to pick the table.... it was cute to watch him check out the tvs to see which games were on so he would pick the perfect seat.  There was a table of college girls watching him and they got a kick out of it and commented on how cute he was!!  Then I let Owen pick out whatever he wanted... he picked chips and dip.... big surprise!
Then we snacked.
Goofed around
Told Jokes
Laughed some more!
Snacked some more!
Goofed around some more!
And enjoyed our time together!
Isn't the amount of cuteness coming from this little guy too much to take?!?!
After our snack he wanted to do some shopping..... at the pet store.... so we did..... but we just did window shopping.....
even though this sweet  face wanted to do more than window shop!! : )  Almost was hard to tell him "no" ... but I resisted the urge to say "yes" and we walked out with empty hands.... which Brad was happy to hear!!! : )  We then shopped at Target and headed home for dinner.  Our afternoon date was SO much fun and a perfect way to end our weekend!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another Panther Game

This afternoon Owen had his second basketball game of the season.  I have to admit I was a bit worried about this one; after the game we had last time I wasn't sure what to expect out of the other team, Owen has been sick all week so I wasn't sure of his energy level, and we have all been sick all week so I wasn't sure of our energy level!  I feared the worse (Owen throwing up on the floor or asking to leave the game because of exhaustion) but hoped for the best!
But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the kids had a great game!!!  Owen got in there without any reservations and played a great game!!  The other team had great sportsmanship and played proper defense.... you can tell their coach really worked with them on "arms up".
Our guys did great working the ball through the defense, passing to each other, 
 and taking lots of shots!!  We just need to work on re-bounding!!!
And the 4 of us survived watching the game.  I actually started to feel better once I was there.  Getting out of the house (as well as our walk before the game) probably helped me out!!!!  Addyson loves watching the game; she cheers, does her jumps, poses for the camera, climbs the bleachers, and
helps me take pictures.... of herself....
...... of the game.....
 ..... abstract photos of the atmosphere....
.... and of me!!! : )
Ethan, well he is a different story!!!  This boy loves loves to be down, running around, and running on the court.  It is a constant struggle with him!!!  I can hardly keep him contained.  Since I wasn't feeling good, I brought the stroller in to buckle him in.... he wasn't a fan of this.  I'm not a fan of the kid leash but I'm about to have to get one with him... chasing him while wearing my "boot" is a bit exhausting at times!!!
Brad gets the good seat!!!  He sits over in our bench area with the kids and other dads and gives Owen pep talks when he isn't playing!!!  Ahhhhh, a nice fun and relaxing job!!!  I think we need to start trading off with kids at the game or start getting Ethan a sitter!!!
All in all it was a GREAT game!!  We didn't win but we had SO much fun, made so much progress, and have a great foundation in place to build on!!  It is going to be a great season!!
We all got to end on a high note.... Ethan loves when the game is over and he can run on the court!!!  Soon he'll be playing ball here too!!!  Go Panthers!!

Out for a Drive

The kids are feeling better and ready to get OUT of the house!!!  Not only that but, I promised them yesterday that we would go try to feed the ducks this morning.... I had NO idea I was gonna wake up feeling really bad!  The sickness has hit me!  I spent the first several hours this morning on the couch with an achy body, cough, and runny nose.... I held the kids off as long as I could and then I figured getting out would probably do us all some good!  The weather was nice.... our first nice day in a while so we really needed to take advantage of it!  So the big kids and I bundled up (Ethan was napping) and headed out for a drive/walk.
By our house is the golf course and there is a protected wetlands area that has a "stream" that we see ducks in every morning.  We always talk about feeding the ducks after school but by that time the ducks have moved really far down the stream to where we can't get to them.... which is why I told them yesterday we could go on Saturday morning.... to try to catch them while they were close to the road!  Since it wasn't 8 they had moved halfway down so we had to do some off-roadin' to go find them!
The kids did great off-roadin' in the car.... and I managed to do okay hiking in my boot... still have this darn thing on!  I was suppose to go to the doctor this past week to get it checked out but with the sick kids I had to cancel my appointment.... we'll wait and see!  As we made our way through the brush, we ended up scaring the ducks off and they flew way down the stream to where we couldn't get to them.  Bummer!
We had even tried to park our car and go further on foot but we had no luck.  So, bad to our car we went...... with a bag full of bread we'll have to take to ducks who know all about humans and being fed!!! : )
Not wanting our adventure to be a complete waste, I tried to find some interesting things to talk to the kids about.  We found seed pods that were full and compared those to the ones that looked like they had been eaten by mice!!!  I could just tell we were walking amongst a rodent community!!!!  Made me wish I had some Sherman Live traps so I could trap some little guys and show the kids the different creatures we had living amongst us!!!  Took me back to my animal behavior classes I took while working on my Masters and the mammal trapping outings we did!!
After the kids had their fill, Addyson was first... I think she was worried one of the mice we were talking about was going to jump out of his burrow and come get us!! ; )..... we headed back towards the road.  It was time to go check the water and see if we could see any turtles, fish, or snakes.
We didn't have any luck seeing any creatures but we did enjoy our morning out!!!  And I had a brief moment when I took this picture that I realized we have been coming to this stream for fishing, exploring, throwing rocks, etc. 3 years!!!  I have watched my babies grow up here!!!!  Wow, time is flying!!!